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  • Air Appraisal Company  POPULAR
    Aircraft appraisals for any aircraft nationwide. National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA) Certified Appraisal provides the true value of each particular airplane or helicopter based on current data and a physical inspection.

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  • Aircraft Value Appraisers
    - Banks and Lending Institutions rely on a Certified Aircraft Appraisal to determine the TRUE value of any aircraft. As a Buyer or a Seller you should too.

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  • ACI Aviation Consulting
    ACI Aviation Consulting offers a full range of aviation appraisal and asset inspection services. The ACI staff has conducted asset appraisals and inspections on aircraft, engines, spare parts, ground support equipment and facilities. ACI Aviation Consulting is the premier provider of litigation support services and asset recovery assistance.

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  • Aircraft Sales Corporation
    - Aircraft appraisals, Aircraft buyers and acquisition experts, International aircraft dealers, consulting, and brokerage

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  • AeroValues
    Prompt and professional NAAA certified aircraft appraisals. Serving the south central U.S. and beyond.

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  • Prairie Aircraft Sales
    Cessna Caravan Dealer for all of Central, Western and Northern Canada, Used Aircraft Sales, Appraisals, consulting.

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  • AvSolutions, Inc.
    Aircraft appraisels, inspections, asset management with largest aviation database in industry

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  • Plane Data, Inc.
    - Has been a member of the NAAA since 1992 and is certified to perform aircraft appraisals.

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  • Heeren Aviation Consultants
    - Aircraft brokerage, acquisition, appraisal, aircraft chartering, and they provide flight crews.

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  • National Aircraft Appraisers Association
    - The Trade Association for professional aircraft appraisers. Since 1980 the NAAA has been the Certification entity and has established the standards and Code of Ethics for professional aircraft appraisers in the United States and abroad.

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  • Logbook Research
    - Specializing in logbook research and analysis for piston-powered general aviation certified aircraft.

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  • Just Plane Appraisals
    Aircraft appraisal: NAAA certified aircraft appraiser, all aircraft from experimental and homebuilts to factory aircraft and helicopters. Plane Appraisals from Just Plane Appraisals, a Member of the National Aircraft Appraisers Association. We provide certified aircraft appraisals for your aircraft. As a Member of NAAA we can help when Just Plane Appraisals are all you want. For aircraft & helicopter appraisal, get an NAAA certified appraiser. NAAA certified aircraft, helicopter appraiser for appraisal. As a certified member of the National Aircraft Association we perform Certified Aircraft Appraisals. Our Certified Appraisal reports are accepted by financial institutions, governement agencies, and the courts as the true value of the aircraft we appraise. The NAAA has been the industry leader in appraising aircraft since 1980. Using the most comprehensive databases in the industry and propietary computer software, factors such as aircraft condition and the effect of prior damage set the NAAA from book value listings of value

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  • pilotfriend
    comprehensive pilot resources

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  • Great Lakes Aircraft Appraisal
    - Appraiser comes to see the airplane, evaluates it, and searches the logbooks and other paperwork to develop a history of it before appraising aircraft.

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  • Midwest Aircraft Appraisal
    NAAA Certified Appraisals. Market Valuations. Buyer Support Services. Based La Crosse, WI (LSE). Serving WI, MN, IA, IL, Upper MI.

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  • Spirit Aviation
    - Provides NAAA certified aircraft appraisals throughout the Great Lakes Region.

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  • Tikal Consulting Company, LLC
    - Offers NAAA certified appraisals, attorney review of buy/sell and finance agreements, business entity formation including C and S corps, LLCs, partnerships, and nonprofit flying clubs.

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  • Tulsair Beechcraft Inc
    New and used aircraft sales, service, parts, maintenance, fueling, jet / turboprop charter, aircraft leasing and storage.

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    Providing the Aviation community with accurate Certified Aircraft Appraisals or Market Analysis. Before you buy or sell your aircraft have it appraised. From Piper Cub to G5! Corporate lenders welcome..

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