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  • SeaStar
    - The SeaStar is a carbon/graphite aircraft with piston or turboprop variants.

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  • Slingsby Aviation Ltd
    - Manufacturers of the T67 Firefly professional pilot training aircraft.

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  • Stemme USA, Inc.
    - U.S. web site for Stemme sailplanes.

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  • Maker of the Jetpod VQSTOL twin-jet.
    Maker of the light 6-8 seat Very Quiet Short Take off and Landing VQSTOL twin-jet. 125m take-off distance only, 300kts cruise, -17 to -20 db less engine noise.

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  • Grob Aerospace
    - Portrait and history of the manufacturer of fiber-composite aerobatics and flighttraining models G115, G120 and G140, which are described in pictures and specifications.

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  • IndUS Aviation, Inc
    IndUS a US based company is committed to making flying affordable and fun. IndUS wishes to bring the pleasure of flying personal aircraft to "Everyone... around the world".

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  • DG-Flugzeugbau GmbH
    - Producers of Standard, 15, 18, and 20 meter sailplanes. [choose between German and English]

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  • Russia Sailplanes Inc
    - Manufacturers of the AC-4 glider and AC-5 motor glider.

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  • eta Aircraft
    - Designers and manufacturers of a 30.9m wingspan sailplane. [choose between German and English]

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  • Flying Car
    Volante, the flying car, can be driven legally on the highway. Conversion from car to plane is accomplished in about five minutes.

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  • DPT Rapid Prototype
    Rapid prototyping company that uses methods like stereolithography to bring custom models and parts to reality. We work with thermoplastics, metals, and more.

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  • Found Aircraft Canada Inc.
    Manufacturer of the Bush Hawk-XP, a custom high performance "bush plane". These aircraft are FAA and Transport Canada certified and can operate on tundra tires, floats, amphibious floats and skis.

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  • Aircraft Manufacturing
    Manufacturing the FAA certified Alarus trainer aircraft. IFR certified, Lycoming engine.

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  • Aim High Model Airplanes
    We manufacture model airplanes,plaques,desk signs,ships,submarines made of Philippine mahogany wood.

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  • Precision Aircraft Machining and Manufacturing
    CAMtech Precision Manufacturing, Inc. is focused on providing quality products utilizing advanced engineering and manufacturing techniques. Projects include Aerospace Contract Manufacturing, Military Contract Manufacturing, and Aircraft & Aerospace Machining.

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  • MotoPOD LLC
    Composite cargo pods to haul a street legal motorcycle beneath your airplane. Combine your hobbies of airplanes and motorcycles and achieve ground transportation at EVERY airport.

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  • Four Winds Aircraft
    Four Winds Aircraft ~ Dedicated to developing and producing high performance, low cost, superior quality aircraft for the general aviation community. Four Winds, The 170+ kt "SUV" of the air.

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  • Aero ltd company was founded in 1994 with the mission to bring to the market inexpensive and low running cost two seat aircraft for basic training and tourism.
    Aero ltd company was founded in 1994 with the mission to bring to the market inexpensive and low running cost two seat aircraft for basic training and tourism. Aero gather under the company wings not only civil aviation enthusiasts but also leading aviation professionals with years of design, manufacturing and certification experience. The result of this blend is the only vla class all metal plane on the market today designed and manufactured with “big aviation” know how and experience. At-3 in one of few all metal aeroplanes certified by easa in the vla (very light aeroplane) category. The aeroplane was designed as the affordable basic trainer with superb aerodynamics high performance, good handling and exceptional flight characteristics. At-3 is low wing airplane equipped with the 912S rotax engine with side-by-side cockpit and dual controls,. in 1997 the two prototypes of at-3 were built; First designated for the full spectrum of in flight tests, the second for the static tests. the prototype of AT-3 has flown over 2000 hours in basic training missions. All flight data, pilotage and strength characteristics were checked in the tests during full scale certification process according to european joint aviation regulations (part jar-vla). In january 2005 the aero AT-3 R100 has received its easa type certificate. the vla certificate is going to be shortly validated by the faa. The lsa (light sport aircraft) version of at-3 is under preparation. The production of at-3 is located in krosno poland.

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