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  • Ejector Sleeves
    IDMAC is Manufacturer of Ball Bearing Cages, Die Springs, Ejector Pins, Date Marking Pins, Guide Pillar & Bush, Polyurethane Elastomers, Ejector Sleeves, Parting Locks, Guide Pillar & Bush, Ejector Blades, Nitrogen Spring, Guide Post, Taper Lock

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  • Awery Airlines Solutions
    Awery Airlines Solutions provides ultimate airlines software in accordance with up-to-date modular infrastructure, high security, global standards and the ability of on-line web-access to the system from all over the world. We understand the dynamics of today’s fast growing Aviation market that operators face and recognize the importance of the information flow control and security. Having more than 10 years experience in aviation our company had developed Systems to fulfill the requirements of charter/passenger operator, Freight forwarder, Aircraft Owner and Aviation Services providers. We assure: 24*7*365 global support, full customization, speed of operation and native on-line solutions to fulfill your requirements Our services include: › Software Integration and Development › Systems integration and support › Server technology › E-Solutions › Corporate E-Mail solutions › Web-site and CRM solutions › Web-design and Advertisement › Consultancy and Support

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  • Flying School in Bankstown Airport
    Soar Aviation is Australia\'s fastest growing flying school. At Soar Aviation an individual can learn the flying lessons and different aviation courses are also available.

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  • Aviation Safety Management Systems (SMS)
    Providers of Web based aviation safety management systems software (SMS Pro™). Flexible, customizable online SMS software for airlines, airports, MROs, FBO and flight schools. Since January 2008. Airports around the world using the product. Two sites: http://asms-pro.com (marketing) http://aviation-sms.com (information, videos, downloads)

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  • Air Fleet Support
    Private Aviation company in Spain belonging to the great aircraft operator Best Fly. It takes over maintenance services through its own technician shop, hangar rent, handling, aircraft registration, brokerage, executive and ambulance flights and whatever the customer may need.

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  • Charter Flights to ST Barths / St Barthelemy
    Many people have heard of it, but aren’t sure exactly where it is. They know it’s an island, someplace in the Antilles archipelago. Do they imagine it to be hip and sophisticated, or more authentic, discreet, and laid-back? This tiny rock, smaller and less populated than many villages in the French countryside, has few resources other than its charm, its perpetual sunshine, the underwater wealth of its Marine Park, and its protected landscapes.

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  • Flights to St. Barths
    Here's all you need to know about flights to St. Barths ahead of your vacation - from commercial flights, to charter flights, to best way to get there.

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