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  • Ansett Air Freight Virtual
    An Australian Cargo Virtual Airline, based upon the once real life carrier of the same name.

    Out Hits:  3319,   Rating:  1  , Votes:3   Rate It
  • Westwind Airlines
    - Large virtual airline with worldwide coverage.

    Out Hits:  3287,   Rating:  7.2  , Votes:6   Rate It
  • Virtual Pilots Association
    A virtual aviation community offering all the services seen in virtual airlines but not the restrictions.

    Out Hits:  3109,   Rating:  6.2  , Votes:10   Rate It
  • Virtual Air Canada
    VAC has been running strong for over 8 years and is rated as a Top 10 VA by FlightSimAviation. Based on the real world airline, VAC has over 1000 active pilots. Check it out today!

    Out Hits:  3031,   Rating:  8.1  , Votes:8   Rate It
  • American Flight Airways, AFA
    American Flight Airways (AFA) is a US based Virtual Airline operating since 1996. They offer over 800 flights operating out of 8 hubs including Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Phoenix, San Francisco, San Juan PR, and internationally in Sydney, Australia. AFA recently opened a Low Cost Carrier Alpha Jet and has codeshare agreements with Pacific Airways. Great staff and friendly pilots together with excellent operations will make you feel home instantly.

    Out Hits:  2858,   Rating:  7.8  , Votes:21   Rate It
  • Swiss Virtual Air Lines
    We're pleased to provide the flight sim community the definite and legal virtual airline representing our favorite airline - Swiss International Air Lines! We hope you enjoy our website and choose to join our exciting community of flight simulator fanatics from Switzerland and around the world. With Swiss VA, the virtual pilot has the opportunity to experience one of Europe's most popular airline. We strive to provide our pilots with an awesome virtual airline experience using the latest technology and an experienced management team. We invite you to fly with Swiss VA! We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully we'll see you in flying over the beautiful Alps! *Swiss VA is a proud member of Flying Tigers Group*

    Out Hits:  2826,   Rating:  5.6  , Votes:8   Rate It
  • AirBrixia
    - Italian language VA with extensive worldwide divisions and large interesting fleet (includes classic props, bizjets and general aviation as well as traditional airliners).

    Out Hits:  2812,   Rating:  6  , Votes:2   Rate It
  • JAL VA
    Fly the largest 747 fleet in the world. Nice site with automated pilot services.

    Out Hits:  2789,   Rating:  6.3  , Votes:4   Rate It
  • Jersey Group of Airlines
    A friendly VA, we have our own 24/7 FSHost & TS2 server, fun & freedom.

    Out Hits:  2776,   Rating:  4.5  , Votes:2   Rate It
  • Eagle Air Charter VA
    Worldwide charter-based virtual airline flying all types of aircraft from the DHC2 to the 747-400. No routes, flights are assigned based on sold charters. IVAO bonus given for all flights completed on the IVAO network.

    Out Hits:  2675,   Rating:  7.2  , Votes:5   Rate It
  • Delta Virtual Airlines
    Our goal is to be the best and top rated VA on the internet. Here, you will be able to fly with virtual pilots from around the world.

    Out Hits:  2642,   Rating:  7  , Votes:5   Rate It
  • Alaska Adventures
    Alaska Adventures is based out of Lake Hood. Lake Hood is located in Anchorage. Lake Hood is the largest and busiest float plane base in the world. We will run operations to remote resorts, lakes, and rivers. To tops of mountains and glaciers, carry passengers to remote airstrips.

    Out Hits:  2561,   Rating:  10  , Votes:1   Rate It
  • Keystone Virtual  POPULAR
    Keystone va, formed by a group of enthusiasts is now open for buisness. We dont limit your hobby - but promote it. Fly the flights you want from where you want - for who you want and be a part of this new va! Check us out!

    Out Hits:  2508,   Rating:  7.1  , Votes:12   Rate It
  • Euroharmony
    Euroharmony (EHM) has a massive flight network with hubs in Amsterdam, Athens, Atlanta, Lisbon, London, Stockholm and Zurich. We have an extensive fleet consisting of over 30 aircraft which are free to download from our website. With four divisions including Scheduled flights, Cargo flights, Business flights and Holiday Charters. There is a proprietary “Flight Logger” to make filling PIREPS easy and it is exclusive to Euroharmony. The recently introduced “Propilot” system, which in conjunction with the flight logger, offers an unrivalled level of realism to your Virtual Airline career. We have regular events and online fly ins and a very active but friendly forum.

    Out Hits:  2494,   Rating:  8.9  , Votes:9   Rate It
  • Hughes Airwest Virtual Airlines
    Simulates as real as possible the former Hughes Airwest Airlines. Fly "The Top Banana in the West!"

    Out Hits:  2480,   Rating:  8.4  , Votes:5   Rate It
  • United Virtual
    United Virtual Airlines Welcome to United Virtual Airlines! We are a group of flight sim enthusiasts who love flying under the United colors and enjoy being a part of the highest-quality Virtual Airline on the internet. From our training classes through our innovative pilot category ranking system to the vibrant community of the forums, we provide an unique experience for both the online and offline flight simulator pilot. Come visit our professional site and feel free to ask questions at any time!

    Out Hits:  2459,   Rating:  10  , Votes:1   Rate It
  • EuroLivewire Airlines
    The largest, most advanced virtual airline on the internet!

    Out Hits:  2413,   Rating:  7.2  , Votes:7   Rate It

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