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Links :

  • Tomonori Hisao R/C Homepage
    - A site from Japan with content about RC pattern and a close to home model flying field.

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  • George's Scale Bell 206L-3 Project
    - By George Blanchette - Data and photos about the construction of a RC scale Bell 206L-3 helicopter. Other helis, photos, news, and related links.

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  • Jim's RC Airplane Site
    Site containing photo, tips, downloads, beginners page, engine tips, and handy reference and troubleshooting charts.

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  • Giant Scale Aerobatic List
    - Site run by Branwell McClory and dedicated to giant scale model aerobatics with reviews, photos, articles, tips, and 3D information.

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  • Starwood Scale Modelers
    - By Al and Eric Wert. Scale RC helicopter pictures, events, profile, crash pictures, articles, contacts, and related links.

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  • The Hirobo Web
    - By Chris Berardi - This site is dedicated to promoting the Hirobo line of model helicopters with sections on radio and mechanical setup, construction and flying, plus hints and tips.

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  • Kirk's Heli Pages
    - By Kurt Moraw - RC helicopter tips, tricks, photos, and projects such as the Heli-Camera and Telemetry. In English and German.

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  • The Funk Works
    - Rene Saenz shares personal RC model aircraft designs. Present and future plans, photos, contacts, and related links.

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  • RCHeliweb.co.uk
    - Lee Marshall - RC helicopter pictures, tips, hints, modifications, upgrades, training, and related links.

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  • Ian Shaw's RC Model Aircraft
    - Pictures and descriptions of models, including Acrowot, Spitfire, Loaded Dice, CAP232, Wingbat, and Rapier.

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  • Hiroborep Page on RC Online
    - By Mitch Davis - Photos, tips, setups, and data about the Hirobo line of RC model helicopters with experiment reports and related links.

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  • R/C Helicopter Resources
    - By Chris Bosco - RC helicopter tips/tricks, advice, related links, video reviews, for sale, 3D flying, X-Cell data, gyros, and photos.

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  • West Cumbria R/C Flying
    - By J.D.Cinderey - R/C flight in the Cumbria, UK area with e-flight information, QandA message board, video clips, pictures, and categorised links.

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  • Rob's Heli Pad
    - By Robby D. Rosser - Team Vario information, getting started data, blade building tips, related links, and photo gallery.

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  • Raptor Technique
    - By Michael Prewitt - Information about building, special setups, and flying the Raptor RC helicopter. Also photos, other chopper information, and related links.

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