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Links :

  • Raptor Technique
    - By Michael Prewitt - Information about building, special setups, and flying the Raptor RC helicopter. Also photos, other chopper information, and related links.

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  • J.M Quetin Homepage
    - Mainly dedicated to indoor RC planes, but with other topics like ham radio and computers.

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  • Quique Somenzini Site
    - Personal page of an RC aerobatic expert flier from Chili, with information and photos of his planes and flying group.

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  • Rock's RC World
    - Model aviation planes, people, and events from Hampton, Newport News, and York County Virginia.

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  • Higgy's R/C Flying Page
    - RC model aviation site with past and present photos of models as well as information about ham radio and motorgliding. German and English language site.

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  • Heli06's World
    - By Mark A. Purdie - RC helicopter information, related links, and a list of Miniature Aircraft field representatives. IRCHA representatives and location of local flying clubs data.

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  • John Williamson's Jet Site
    - Grimsby, England - Activity with gas turbines, pulse jets, and nitrous oxide injection.

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  • Helibuf's World
    - RC helicopter tips, tricks, how-tos, events calendar, reviews, and related links.

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  • Natescape
    - By Nate Waddoups - Includes a diary of sorts, about one person's first few seasons with RC helicopters. Tips, helpful data, software, and related links.

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  • Home Page of an IMAC Flier
    - Bob Hudson is IMAC chapter 401 rep. and presents information here about IMAC happenings in the Ontario, Canada area.

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  • ModelBouwSite
    - About R/C model planes, helicopters, technics, R/C information, related links, and photos.

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  • Kraig's Web Corner
    - Information from a licensed pilot who flies quarter scale and ducted fan RC model airplanes.

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  • RC Aiplanes
    Guide to choosing, buying and flying remote controlled airplanes. Plus links to recommended online hobby shops.

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  • Model Flight
    - This page will show you the love of model airplanes by the Cannon family from Covington, LA.

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  • Jason.net
    - Jason Chan's heli fleet, parts bin, tips, news, photos, and related links.

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