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  • SkyVenture
    - Vertical wind tunnel in Orlando, Florida. Training aid for skydivers, or fun for non-skydivers. Information and prices. [Flash]

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  • Surf Flite
    - Manufacturer of skysurf boards. Online price list and ordering. Photo gallery.

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  • Tony Suits
    - Manufactures a range of RW and freefly suits. Printable order forms.

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  • Speed Skydiving.net
    - Information and community about skydiving for speed. Rules, events, forum, contacts.

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  • Rigs and Things Paraservice
    - Sells skydiving accessories, canopies, containers, AADs, jumpsuits and altis. Online ordering.

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  • Skydiving.com
    - Information about skydiving for beginners, including course descriptions and a dropzone finder with clickable maps. Also offers free classified adverts.

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  • Skydive San Francisco
    Skydiving in San Francisco Bay area. Tandem in Napa and Sonoma county California

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  • Skydive Cape Town
    One of the world's most scenic Drop Zones. Just 35 min. drive from the city centre.See Table Mountain, Robben Island and the Cape Peninsula from above! Plenty of other tourist activities nearby.

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  • Paratec
    - German manufacturer of parachutes, including the Next container, the Fandango, Balance, Quadra and Super-7 mains, and the Speed 2000 reserve. Printable order forms.

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  • The Jump Store
    - Sells a rang of skydiving accessories, with online ordering.

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  • Gravity Gear
    - Skydiving and base jumping equipment, apparel and accessories, including canopies, jumpsuits, altimeters and AADs.

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  • Para-Gear Equipment Co.
    - Parachute equipment distributor. Wide range of goods in their online catalog. E-mail, phone, fax, or mail to order.

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  • FutureCam Skydive
    - Photo gallery of frame grabs from video shot mostly at Perris, California.

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  • Sky Kat Gear Shop
    - Sells a wide range of skdiving equipment, from AADs to windsocks, including canopies and containers. Online ordering.

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  • Jump Shack
    - Online skydiving gear and accessories catalog, with online ordering.

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  • Square One Parachute Sales and Service
    - Supplier of a huge variety of skydiving equipment, clothing and accessories. Online ordering, including graphical canopy and container color design.

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  • Icarus Canopies
    - Manufactures and sells canopies including Omega, Safire, Crossfire, Extreme FX, and Extreme VX. Lots of information on their products. Printable order forms.

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