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Links :

  • The Bodyflight Network
    - Website of Bodyflight University dedicated to the vertical wind tunnel industry. News, photos, videos.

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  • Tandem Jumping
    - Russell Webb is a tandem instructor in Houston, Texas. Site has contact details and photo galleries.

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  • PointZero
    - UK-based site offering online equipment and accessory sales. Also supplies canopy artwork, flags, and windblades.

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  • Parasport Italia
    - Manufactures and sells Skytronic audible altimeters, Altiron and Skymeter altimeters, Z1 helmets, gloves, goggles, jumpsuits, and other skydiving accessories. Catalog, product information, prices. Order by phone, post, or e-mail. [Background music]

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  • Skywatch Gallery
    - Skydiving art store, products include T-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers and posters. Online ordering.

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  • Tad's Sportswear
    - Australian manufacturers of a range of jumpsuits. Printable order forms.

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  • Stratoquest
    - Promotional site of a world record high altitude skydiving event and research project.

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  • The Chuting Gallery
    - Sells containers, canopies and AADs both new and pre-owned. Also aircrew bailout systems. Online catalog with printable order forms.

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  • Like A Bird Skydiving Music CD
    - Written and produced by guitar player Dan Van Wynsberghe, Like A Bird is over an hour of music produced for skydivers. Downloadable clips available on the site.

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  • Stefan Banic
    - History of Stefan Banic (1870-1941), from Slovakia, who invented the parachute and was awarded a US patent in 1914.

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  • Fruce and Friends
    - Site dedicated to the extreme sport of freeflying, skydiving and competitive free flying teams.

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  • Sunset Squardron Inc.
    - Repair/repack services for parachute rigs, demonstration skydive coordination, tandem skydiving instruction in the Washington DC area.

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  • The Skydiver's Enclave
    - Free skydiving photo classifieds for equipment, events, services and employment. User-contributed photo gallery. Skydiving links.

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  • Véloce : skydiving in France
    - Site about skydiving in France. Includes details of dropzones and disciplines, training advice, information about the French Skydiving Federation, articles, and pictures. [English version, also available in French]

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  • Sitling Parachute
    Stirling parachute are based in Stirling, Scotland and offer parachuting and skydiving tuition and jumping facilities.

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  • Relative Workshop
    - Manufactures Vector containers. Online color editor. Price list and printable order forms.

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