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  • Fly a Jet fighter
    Fighter jet flights in France, Russia and South Africa. Come fly with us, we operate two fighters in France a Fouga Magister and the L39 Albatros.

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  • Cheap Airline Flights
    Here you'll find a great overview of the best sites for cheap air tickets from the US.

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  • Airplane and Aircraft.com
    Airplane and Aircraft has lots of great information on many types of aircraft of all shapes and sizes. Everything from paper airplanes, kites, radio control airplanes and lots, lots more.

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  • Navistar Mentawai Surf Charters
    Navistar is an ocean going 65 foot sloop which is operated by Chris Love in the Mentawai Islands. We understand that your time and money are valuable. When you book with Navistar you will be taken care of by an Australian built and operated vessel. Navistarsurf team knows where when and where the best waves are on the day and their goal is to make every trip just like a dream come true!

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  • Flying Anarchy
    Flyinganarchy.com is committed to connecting aviation lovers with the content they love to consume. We strive to bring the best engaging flying content from around the web. We are here to entertain and engage!

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