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  • Wellington Aero Club
    Offering flight training and social activities from the heart of New Zealand's capital, with Piper, Mooney and Cessna aircraft.

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  • Ottawa Flying Club
    - Provides flight training and aircraft rental to members.

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  • Malaysia: flight school, flying adventures and aircraft hire.
    Learn to fly here! The Elite Flying Club website will satisfy the most passionate of pilots. From live weather updates, online bookings, a pilots lounge with message board facilities, up to date global aviation news and online enquiry forms. Join us today!

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  • Scottish Aero Club - Perth
    - Based on Perth Airfield, offering flying training (fixed-wing and microlight) plus a wide range of airfield facilities and club activities.

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  • Thai Flying Club
    - Flying and general aviation in Thailand.

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  • Rochester Flying Club
    - A private, non-profit organization devoted to flying in Rochester NY.

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  • Victory Aviation Flying Club
    - Victory Aviation is based at the Butler County Regional Airport (Hogan Field) in Hamilton, OH, on the northern outskirts of Cincinnati. Five aircraft and 75-pilot membership; 2 Cessnas and 3 Pipers, including a Saratoga; all aircraft hangared. Very reasonable rates.

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  • Squadron One Flying Club
    - Stratford (CT) flying club. Flight training, rental (Grumman, Mooney) to the members.

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  • Mid-Atlantic Pilots Association
    The Mid-Atlantic Pilots Association is a not for profit flying club dedicated to promoting general aviation, aviation safety and aviation related club activities.

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  • Reading Aero Club
    Nations OLDEST Continuously Flying Aero Club, Est. 1932. Operating from Reading, Pa. KRDG.

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  • Washington Flyer's Club
    - Pilot's social club at Washington County Airport, AFJ Pennsylvania 15301, promoting general aviation in the local community.

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  • Sligo Aero Club
    - Located in the West of Ireland. Recreational pilot training, local and long-distance flights, ground school in winter months.

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  • The Mansfield Aviation Club
    - Information for members, visitors, pilots, aircraft owners, and people interested in aviation.

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  • Skys Aircraft
    Flight School and Aircraft Rental in Newnan, Georgia, just south of Atlanta.

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  • Morden Flying Club
    Morden Flying Club is a group of aviation enthusiasts who meet once a month to swap flying stories and to discuss aviation policy in Canada. We also offer Ultralight Flight Training.

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  • Tulsa Ninety-Nines
    THE NINETY-NINES, INC., is an international organization of licensed women pilots from 35 countries - we currently have over 6,500 members throughout the world.

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  • Eximious Flying Club
    Metro Detroit aviation group, promoting safe, affordable, fun flying in a club atmosphere. Piper Archers based at C.A. Young (DET) and Oakland-Troy (VLL) airports.

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  • Net Book
    Net Book is an online booking system especially important for Aircraft Ownership Syndicates.It allows instant booking of aircraft from anywhere in the world, and all syndicate members can check availblity and other handy features associated with joint ownership.

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