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  • Wellington Aero Club
    Offering flight training and social activities from the heart of New Zealand's capital, with Piper, Mooney and Cessna aircraft.

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  • Ottawa Flying Club
    - Provides flight training and aircraft rental to members.

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  • Malaysia: flight school, flying adventures and aircraft hire.
    Learn to fly here! The Elite Flying Club website will satisfy the most passionate of pilots. From live weather updates, online bookings, a pilots lounge with message board facilities, up to date global aviation news and online enquiry forms. Join us today!

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  • Scottish Aero Club - Perth
    - Based on Perth Airfield, offering flying training (fixed-wing and microlight) plus a wide range of airfield facilities and club activities.

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  • Thai Flying Club
    - Flying and general aviation in Thailand.

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  • Rochester Flying Club
    - A private, non-profit organization devoted to flying in Rochester NY.

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  • Victory Aviation Flying Club
    - Victory Aviation is based at the Butler County Regional Airport (Hogan Field) in Hamilton, OH, on the northern outskirts of Cincinnati. Five aircraft and 75-pilot membership; 2 Cessnas and 3 Pipers, including a Saratoga; all aircraft hangared. Very reasonable rates.

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  • Squadron One Flying Club
    - Stratford (CT) flying club. Flight training, rental (Grumman, Mooney) to the members.

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  • Mid-Atlantic Pilots Association
    The Mid-Atlantic Pilots Association is a not for profit flying club dedicated to promoting general aviation, aviation safety and aviation related club activities.

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  • Reading Aero Club
    Nations OLDEST Continuously Flying Aero Club, Est. 1932. Operating from Reading, Pa. KRDG.

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  • Washington Flyer's Club
    - Pilot's social club at Washington County Airport, AFJ Pennsylvania 15301, promoting general aviation in the local community.

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  • Sligo Aero Club
    - Located in the West of Ireland. Recreational pilot training, local and long-distance flights, ground school in winter months.

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  • The Mansfield Aviation Club
    - Information for members, visitors, pilots, aircraft owners, and people interested in aviation.

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  • Skys Aircraft
    Flight School and Aircraft Rental in Newnan, Georgia, just south of Atlanta.

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  • Morden Flying Club
    Morden Flying Club is a group of aviation enthusiasts who meet once a month to swap flying stories and to discuss aviation policy in Canada. We also offer Ultralight Flight Training.

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  • Tulsa Ninety-Nines
    THE NINETY-NINES, INC., is an international organization of licensed women pilots from 35 countries - we currently have over 6,500 members throughout the world.

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  • Eximious Flying Club
    Metro Detroit aviation group, promoting safe, affordable, fun flying in a club atmosphere. Piper Archers based at C.A. Young (DET) and Oakland-Troy (VLL) airports.

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  • Step Up Aviation LLC
    Membership-bases aircraft rental at AUS. Also offering owned-aircraft management.

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