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  • Historic Aviation
    America's largest seller of aviation books, videos, models, art and much more. Thousands of items in stock for you.

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  • BSP Gallery Bookshop old and rare books
    BOOKS AND MEMORABILIA on many subjects, including literature, performing arts, first editions, Pacificana, sport, cricket, music, antiques, military, shipping, aviation history, art, craft, Australian, old postcards.

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  • The Cost of Your Airplane's Parasite Drag
    This book looks into the causes and effects of your airplane's parasite drag. What it is and where it is on your airplane. What it does to your airplane's cruise speed. What it may be costing you at the pump.

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  • Smart Flying: Learning to Fly in the UK
    Downloadable pdf book details the PPL experience of Jaosn Smart. The constant battle with the British weather and the written exams ends in triumph. A must read for any would-be student pilot in Britain.

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  • U.S. Navy Boot Camp
    This detailed informational guide is a MUST HAVE for anyone joining the Navy. Don't just go...GO PREPARED!

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  • Byrd Aviation Books
    Specialize in pioneer & WW I books. A large supply of back issue aviation magazines.

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  • Air Travel Genius
    AirTravelGenius - Insider Info, Advice and Ebooks for Frequent Flyers and Air Travellers Worldwide. Learn to Fly First or Business Class on an Economy Budget.

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  • Insider Airfare Secrets
    AirTravelGenius - Insider Info, Advice and Ebooks for Frequent Flyers and Air Travellers Worldwide. Learn to Fly First or Business Class on an Economy Budget.

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  • Byrd Aviation Books
    Specializing in new and out of print aviation books focused on pioneer & WW I aviation. Also a large supply of out of print aviation magazines.

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  • Discounted books
    Specialist bookseller offering discounted titles and information service

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  • owner
    new book, "The Greatest Generation of Silver Wings". Limited Signed Edition

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  • CRJ 200 Systems Oral Exam Guide
    CRJ-200 System Oral Exam Guide for the Canadair Regional Jet. Over 1200 questions with answers.

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  • Jets Press
    Jets Press was created to publish aviation books written by fighter aircraft mechanics about their impressions of the people and hardware surrounding fighter aircraft.

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  • Space Travel USA
    A guide to 120 North American space and aerospace sights.

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  • Flying for Peanuts: The ABCs of Flying Southwest Airlines
    The Southwest Airlines experience is unlike any other-but this tongue-in-cheek guide can help SWA passengers not only survive the experience, but actually enjoy it. Filled with outrageous travel tips, all revealed in the LUV spirit, Flying For Peanuts offers a hilarious look into an insider's secrets of flying Southwest.

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  • How To Effectively Buy A Used Airplane
    How To Effectively Buy A Used Airplane This full-hour DVD contains all the information you need to maximize your search, evaluation and purchase. Whether you are a first time buyer or previous owner, this DVD Is *Guaranteed* To Help You Buy Smart and Save Money! Comes with FREE companion eBook. Makes a great gift for that special pilot. Check out the previews!

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