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  • Tethers Unlimited, Inc.
    - Small business that designs, develops and builds space transportation systems using space tethers to transfer energy and momentum to payloads without the use of rocket propellant.

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  • Iridian Spectral Technologies
    - Black absorber targets for space vision systems as being used on the Canadarm and the International Space Station.

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  • Draper Laboratory
    - An independent not-for-profit laboratory in applied research, engineering development, education, and technology transfer.

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  • Business Development
    aeronautical and aerospace models and prototypes. Demonstration, marketing and training models. Custom fabrication of aerospace components including electro-mechanical systems, misc. hardware, etc.

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  • L'Garde, Inc.
    - Designs and manufactures inflatable space structural systems including antennae, relectors and solar arrays.

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  • SpaceHab
    - The sole provider of habitable modules and logistics facilities for research and space station supply services on the U.S. Space Shuttles.

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  • Emergent Space Technologies
    - Providing technical services focusing on research, development, and application of emerging space and information technologies,

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  • Weld Plus Inc.
    - Manufactures satellite assembly positioners for space satellites.

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  • Carleton Technologies Pneumatic
    - Spacecraft pneumatic components such as aerospace pneumatic valves and pneumatic actuators, also military aircraft pneumatic components.

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  • Syntonics
    - Provides custom and semi-custom time and frequency electronics for demanding space communications, precision navigation and science.

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  • JP Aerospace
    - An attempt to launch the first amateur space flight in history.

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  • Command and Control Technologies Corp.
    - Provides software products and turnkey systems for launch site automation and other mission-critical control system applications.

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  • United Space Alliance
    - Chartered to manage and conduct space operations work involving the operation and maintenance of multi-purpose space systems.

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  • Eurockot Launch Services
    - A joint German-Russian venture offering launch services on converted ICBM's. Provides news, technical and mission profiles, gallery and contact information.

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  • Orbitica
    - French and English site which sells gps, satellite phones, pagers, and meteo receivers.

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  • XCOR Aerospace
    - Providers of custom liquid rocket engines and rocket vehicles. Solutions for space tourism or high powered recreational rocket aircraft.

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  • Saab Ericsson Space
    - Develops, manufactures and markets spacecraft equipment. The company’s specialist fields are digital and microwave technologies and mechanics.

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