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  • Hellenic Aerospace Industry S.A.
    - Development, design, manufacture and support of aerostructures and telecommunication and information systems. [choose between Greek and English]

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  • TM Industries, Inc.
    - Precision aerospace manufacturing and machining facility able to machine parts up to 216 inches in diameter. Specialty medium to large size machined parts.

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  • Midwest Precision, Inc.
    - Provides sheet metal fabrication for the aerospace, military, electronics, and general manufacturing industries.

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  • Heartland Enterprises
    - High precision turning, milling, honing and grinding of titanium, Inconel, and aluminum.

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  • Atlantic Precision Inc.
    - Milling, turning, grinding and welding of prototypes and production runs.

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  • Prime Machine, Inc.
    - Offering engineering, machine shop, fabrication and weld shop, and millwright services.

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  • Mettis Group Limited
    - Provides forging, casting, machining and processing of exotic metals for blades and landing gear.

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  • Advanced Machine Services
    - A precision engineering company offering design, analysis and engineering solutions to high speed spindle users for reduced maintenance and increased life.

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  • Ace Tube Bending
    - Custom precision tube bending, tube assemblies, and orbital welds.

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  • Pefekta, Inc.
    - Precision machined parts and components; 3-, 4-, and 5-axis machining. Sheet metal fabrication, hot forming of titanium, assembly. Commercial and military. SDB certified.

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  • Ronfeldt Associates
    - Deep draw and metal stamping specialist in aluminium and various steel alloys

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  • Kittyhawk Products
    - Provides hot isostatic processing services, casting densification, diffusion bonding, pressure brazing, powder consolidation and rejuvenation of parts.

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  • Precision Machine Works
    - Offers machining of inconel, titanium and aluminum, along with final assembly.

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  • Sky Dynamics Corporation
    - Specialist engineering company offering machining, metal forming and heat treatment services for aircraft exhaust and induction kit users.

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  • Sheets Mfg. Co.
    - Specializes in metal spinning and fabrication of parts for the aerospace industry.

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  • Subcontract Manufacturing
    - Subcontract manufacture of CNC turned and milled parts for the aerospace industry. Specialist in exotic materials like Inconell, Waspalloy, Titanium.

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  • Walden's Machine, Inc.
    - Manufacturer of precision machined parts and assemblies from raw materials, including but not limited to aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and inconel.

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