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  • Air Ambulance Service  POPULAR  FEATURED SITE
    U.S. based firm specializing in global transportation of chartered jets with medical supervision for the sick or injured patients who require medical supervision.

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  • Helicopteros Sanitarios
    - About the emergency services provided by this facility located in Puerto Banus, Spain. [Espaņol and English]

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  • Air Ambulance Sales and Marketing
    Worldwide Air Ambulance Services Bedside to Bedside. Dispatch Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Worldwide Medical Escorts.

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  • County Ambulance
    - A worldwide ambulance and aeromedical service based in Darford, Kent, providing patient transport for UK individuals throughout England and worldwide.

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  • Air Ambulance
    Air Ambulance International - global medical repatriation on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year proving global service

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  • Lifeline
    - Providing aeromedical services to the southeastern region of Arizona. Based at St. Mary's Hospital, Tucson, Arizona.

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  • IAS Medial
    IAS Medical provide European Air Ambulance Repatriation Services

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  • MEDjet International, Inc.
    - A long-range transport and international air-medical company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Describes the services, aircraft, rate schedule, passenger and quote information.

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  • Flying Nurses International, LLC
    - Providing medical travel assistance to patients in transition from health care facilities. (Hawaii)

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  • Metro Area Ambulance Service Inc
    - Providing scheduled fixed wing air transport to and from the Bismarck, North Dakota area. Paramedic services.

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  • Southwest Air Ambulance
    - Emergency and non-Emergency air medical transportation, local and long distance.

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  • Lifestar
    - Airmedical helicopter based in Amarillo, Texas.

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  • Air Ambulances & Medical Flights: Med Flight
    When you need critical care emergency transport or simple medical air transport for patients unable to fly commercially, Med Flight Air Ambulance meets your needs with highly qualified specialists and specially equipped medical flights. We offer medical air transport nationally and internationally.

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  • National Air Ambulance
    - Medevac flights, ACLS certified, complete bed to bed services to North and South America, Carribean, Canada, Europe. Located at Ft. Lauderdale's International Airport.

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  • Patient Travel
    - Charitable medical air transportation resources.

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  • Lifeguard Air Ambulance
    A dedicated air medical ambulance service with over 25 years experience transporting critically ill and non-critical patients.

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