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  • Enflite, Inc.
    - Designer and manufacturer of table and lift mechanisms, pocket door and cabin accessories for business jet interiors.

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  • Tapis Corporation
    - Aviation textiles for interior headliners, seating, bulkhead, embroidered headrests and bulkheads, luggage compartments, dado panels and numerous trim applications

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  • Keystone Aviation Corporation
    - Support and supply of aircraft interior products and associated parts including seats, galleys and closets and class dividers.

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  • International Jet Interiors
    - Complete corporate aircraft services for interior refurbishment. Full size mockups and CAD used to develop final design and engineering.

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  • Georgia Aircraft Interiors
    - Specializing in creating custom aircraft interiors for turbine or light jet aircraft.

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  • Mid Continent Controls, Inc.
    - Aircraft cabin management and entertainment systems to meet the inflight, audio, video, information, and entertainment needs of your most discriminating passengers.

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  • Med-Pac Inc.
    We design and manufacture medical interiors for aircraft. Specializing in self-contained, light-weight (95 lbs), quick-change air ambulance systems. Over 16 years experience, FAA certified.

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  • Saint Louis Designs, Inc.
    - Designer and manufacturer of custom accessories for executive aircraft interiors including hidden hardware, stowable tables, mounts, lifts and product development to client specificaions.

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  • Percival Aviation Limited
    - Manufacturers of seat covers, cargo nets, storage boxes/pouches and distributors of other related items.

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  • Mena aircraft Interiors
    Quality interiors (small engine to corporate Jets) economically priced

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  • Ranger Aviation
    - Aircraft interiors that are not only beautifully crafted, but extremely durable. Complete your interior in conjuction with paint, maintenance and avionics.

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  • Sanya Aviation Inc.
    - Offering aircraft interiors, Sanya sabs, interior refurbishing, cleaning, modification, galleys, lavatory, carpet, marketing and appearance.

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  • Midwest Aircraft Products Co.
    - Manufacturer of inflight food service equipment. Galleys, food and beverage service carts, carriers, liquid containers. FAA certified repair station equipment and furnishings.

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  • Intheairnet
    - End-to-End solutions provider specializing in email, web access, media on demand and satellite TV for airliners and business jets

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