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  • Landings
    - features bi-weekly news, professional pilot resources and aviation databases, and expert-mediated discussion forums.

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  • Aviation Week Group
    - publishers of World Aviation Directory and Overhaul & Maintenance, for aviation and aerospace professionals.

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  • Middle East Aviation
    - newsletter produced by Phoenix Publishing that provides related information, marketing and support services.

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  • Historic Wings
    - featuring stories and photodocumentaries about the triumphs and trials of flight, both past and present.

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  • PilotAge
    - trade magazine for Southern California aviators.

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  • AviationConsumer.com
    We take the guesswork out of your most important aviation buying decisions

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  • Pilot Magazine
    The UK's leading General Aviation magazine.

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  • Pilot Getaways
    - quarterly magazine dedicated to private pilot travel in the West.

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  • Southern Aviator Online
    - brings you updated general aviation news, features, events calendar and the Virtual Hangar aviation shopping and catalogs.

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  • Pilot Journal
    - includes aircraft reviews and pictures.

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  • Skycontrol
    Skycontrol is an international E-magazine, providing the aviation world with monthly updated information. This one-of-a-kind integrated information platform brings together news and information from the entire civil and military aeronautical and aerospace world and is therefore the ideal source for news that aviation experts and enthusiasts need on a monthly basis. Its electronic format provides space to post announcements on a very effective way, and makes available widespread distribution in the aeronautical and aerospace world and gives direct access to the international market.

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  • Southwest Aviator
    - flying magazine for pilots and aviation enthusiasts in the SW.

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  • Ghost Wings
    - student produced publication that covers the history of military aviation and chronicles the personal experiences of veterans.

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  • Aviopress.com
    News and reports, with pictures and videos from Aviation and Marine world

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  • SAFE Pic
    - includes articles on Y2K safety, pilot information, airplane reviews, and safety issues.

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  • Michael's Flying Adventures
    - travel magazine specifically suited for extravagant and adventuresome aircraft owners.

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  • Logbook
    - quarterly magazine covering the entire spectrum of aviation history.

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  • Woman Pilot Magazine
    - requires subscription. Features articles about women within aviation. Articles include: private, professional, and military pilots; NASA and aviation history.

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