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  • Med-Pac Inc.
    We design and manufacture medical interiors for aircraft. Specializing in self-contained, light-weight (95 lbs), quick-change air ambulance systems. Over 16 years experience, FAA certified.

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  • Sennheisser Electronic
    - Aircraft microphones, cockpit headsets and noise abatement products for jets and prop-aircraft.

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  • Netwell Noise Control - Professional Soundproofing Products
    Our range of products includes absorption and barrier products. Featuring acoustic panels and over 60 other sound proofing materials, in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes tailored to address, your specific soundproofing needs.

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  • Morgan, Inc.
    Manufacturer of stainless steel and aluminum hidden hinges for aircraft tables, cabinets and cabin doors

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  • Sun-Foil Aircraft Sunscreens
    - Sales of window screens to reduce heat inside aircraft cockpits. Ordering available via non-secure online form.

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  • Replin Fabrics, Ltd
    - UK. Design and manufacture of flame retardant textiles for aviation, marine, rail and contract markets Internationally

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  • Owner/Director
    Aircraft Interior Design and Construction Supervision - Transport catagory Jets

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  • ETC Design and Development Ltd
    Designers of VIP and VVIP aircraft interiors. Build to print drawings and supply of contract staff.

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  • Custom Cupholders Company
    Manufacturer and distributor of high-end interior hardware amentity products.

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    Custom made seat covers and wing pants for aircraft. A variety of fabrics and colors are available to match your aircraft's color scheme.

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  • Atlanta Aviation International
    Corporate, Regional & Heavy iron refurbishment, Tedlar vacuum covering of sidewalls, bin doors, ceiling panels,etc. Composite and sheetmetal repair. Aeroprint ( three dimensional decorating simulating woods, marbles, exotic finishes) onto tabletops, ledges, cabinets, & curved pieces.

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  • Aircraft Composite Inc
    We offer new & refurbish aircraft interior soft goods & cabinets for corporate & commercial aircraft.

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  • SAI Starling Aerospace Interiors
    aircraft interior outfitting company providing a total cabin interior solution to the aerospace, shipping and rail industries. Based at London Heathrow.

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  • supply airline blanket, towel, pillowcase, headrest
    We have specialized in airline industry for 10 years. Our products includes textiles, airline blankets, airline hot towels, aircraft headrest and pillocases, tableware, and sanitary products for airline use. Your query and enquiry are welcome by us and will be treated with good service, smooth logistics as well as low price.

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  • Clean Wing Detail
    specializing in aircraft cleaning and detailing in the Houston Texas area.

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  • AvDE Design & Engineering, Inc.
    AvDE offers the design and engineering services of commercial aircraft modification, specializing in aircraft interior reconfiguration, cabin component design, on-site technical support, and structure technical services.

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  • Cap-Tech Products, Inc.
    Contract sewing of seating products for aircraft interiors. Ex. fireblocking, bottom and back seat diaphragms, life vest pouches, seat covers, straps, belts, curtains.

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  • JM Designs
    With 10 years experience in aircraft completions we have experience in all facets of the completions process. From the quoting stage to final delivery we have been involved with communications with the client and working with production personnel on the floor. Our strengths lie in taking an idea; evaluating the regulatory requirements, cost considerations, and production standard practices, and making it work.

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