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  • Roger Aviation Company
    - Provides recurrent flight simulation and emergency maneuver Training.

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  • HY Aerospace, Inc. Aviator Ground School
    - Learn to fly on the web. Internet based ground school for Private Pilot and Instrument license. FAA Certified Flight Instructor. Sign off form for FAA Knowledge Exam.

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  • National Aviation
    - Flight training based in Clearwater, Florida, USA.

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  • Lunken Flight Training Center
    Lunken Flight Training Center Offers a wide variety of aviation services, including: Flight Training Aircraft Rental Photography Flights Sightseeing Flights Birthday Parties Pilot Shop LaserGrade Testing

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  • Pro Aircraft Flight Training
    Part 141 FAA and VA approved professional pilot training. Approved by the INS to train international students. Private Pilot thru Airline Transport Pilot. Time Building.

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  • Triangle Aviation
    - Instruction available for visual flight rules, instrument flight rules, multi engine and sea plane.

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  • Air Safety Flight Academy
    Professional Pilot Training. Private Pilot Training. Aircraft Rentals. Air Safety Flight Academy is home to the first “glass-cockpit” professional pilot program in the United States. Cirrus SR20 “glass-cockpit” training aircraft. CRM training in full-motion Beech 90 Level B simulator. Time building as a Paid Full-Time Flight Instructor - Guaranteed. A course cost less than most other academy programs. Owned and operated exclusively by current and former airline pilots. Air Safety Flight Academy, pioneering a new generation in professional pilot training.

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  • American Support Group
    Training student pilots for all licenses. Advanced jet training program

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  • FAA-Flightinstruction in Germany
    Certified Fligth Instructor located in the Rhein-Main Area, Germany, with Multiengine and Instrument Ratings. Providing basic instruction at Cessna152/172 or Diamond Katana/Eclipse. Multiengine instruction at Cessna 310R. Providing Biennual Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency Checks, Complex Airplane and High Performance checkouts. More on my hompage http://www.amair.de.ki

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  • TAA Flight Training, LLC.
    Flight training from private pilot to ATP. Aircraft Rental available. www.flytaa.com 336-369-2804

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  • AAA Flying School
    0-250 Commercial Pilots course $27,000 inclusive accomadation at our tropical Paradise Airfield and Resort

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  • Airborne Aviation - Sydney, Australia
    Airborne Aviation is Australia's first Cessna Pilot Centre (CPC) providing quality flight training in brand new Cessna aircraft. Fleet also includes a wide range of other aircraft from Tiger Moth's to the latest S-2C Pitts Special

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  • AirQuiz - Online Practice Examinations for Pilots
    AirQuiz is a new web based tool designed to be a low cost support to the trainee pilot. It allows registered users to test their knowledge in preparation for the written examinations for the JAA PPL, RT & UK CAA IMC Rating.

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  • SunState Aviation Flight School
    Accelerated training specialists, located in Orlando, Florida. All ratings, new aircraft, computer based instruction syllabus.

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  • Nelson Aero Club - Start your Flight Training in beautiful New Zealand
    We welcome students from all over the world to our beautiful city to get the best flight training on a truely one on one environment. With new Aircraft and offering everything from PPL to MEIR and instructor ratings. Get in touch with Nelson Aero Club today

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