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Links :

    Ask a CFI is a site where students and pilot can ask flight instructors their flight training and aviation related questions

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  • Best Aviation
    Best Aviation offer a large aviation school directory with over 800 schools and training facilities and over 300 companies. In addition we have an events calendar for all your spare time planning!

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  • Channel Islands Aviation
    FBO, Aircarft Rental and Flight Instruction, Part 135 Charter, Maintenance and Aircraft Sales.

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  • Bristow Helicopters - Training
    - Flight, engineering, human factors and search and rescue training on the company's helicopters.

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  • Aviation Schools Online
    - Offers prospective pilots and technicians a directory of FAA approved flight schools and maintenance technician schools.

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  • AIA Flight.com
    Since 1993 PPL through ATPL, best in flight training

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  • Dunkirk Aviation Flight School
    Western New York's largest and best flight school, offering Part 141 training for all pilot certificates and ratings.

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  • Adacel Learning Network (ALN)
    Leaders in ATC simulation. We have products ranging from ground vehicle operation simulation training.

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  • CFIs Nationwide
    We offer affordable web pages to Flight Instructors and provide a simple directory so students can easily find the right CFI.

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  • English for Aviation
    - Language training for pilots and mechanics who need to improve their knowledge of aviation English.

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  • Online flight training!!!
    Our website gives you lessons, videos and quizzes to help you impress your instructor and get your license faster!

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  • Sky Ark - Multi Engine Time Building
    With our time building program, you can build multi engine flight time (ALL PIC- No safety pilot). You pay $23.00 per flight hour plus fuel(16-18 gph) and lodging cost.You will be flying all over the USA and helping to fly rescued animals which include dogs, cats, eagles, hawks, wolves, monkeys and other small and furry critters.We are a non-profit chartiable org. where with correct tax advise you can deduct expenses and fuel cost.You will learn CRM, fly in actual instrument conditions and learn what it is like to be a corporate or aero medical pilot. You will have a flight instructor on board with you at all time at no cost.

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