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  • Inustitut Aeronautique et Spatial
    - The French Aerospace Industry Cooperation Agency for International Education. Aeronautics education and scientific training for officers joining the French Flight Test Academy. Bilingual site.

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  • FlyTeam Aviation
    - Private pilot training from beginner to advanced level at Cranfield, Beds.

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  • Johnston Aviation Services
    Flight training for CPL and advanced. Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating specialist also charter and freight provider. Aircraft include Cessna, Piper Warrior, Arrow. Multi Engine Baron 58 and Piper Chieftain.

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  • saviapproach
    - saviapproach offers proven procedures providing heads up display advantages; increased safety; and improved pilot skills (both instrument and visual).

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  • IAC Training
    - Providing FAA mandated cargo security training to the Indirect Air Carrier industry.

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  • Best Aviation Schools
    Over 1,100 Flight and Aviation schools world wide. Including flight attendant schools, aircraft mechanic schools and aviation colleges/universities.

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  • Sikeston Aviation
    - Provides pilot services, aircraft rentals, sales and maintenance, flight school, charter flights, discovery flights at the Sikeston (Missouri) Airport.

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  • ICC The Compliance Center
    Provides training with supplies and services for compliant shipping of dangerous goods by air.

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  • Global Air Training Ltd
    - Initial and recurrent training of pilots and cabin crew including CRM, safety and emergency procedures, survival and aviation, aviation security, and first aid.

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  • Wings on Wheels
    - Wings on Wheels was started by veteran professional pilot Steve Thibodaux to promote more extensive use of ground-based training for pilots.

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  • GATTS, Inc.
    GATTS, Inc. is the home of the "Original 7-Day Instrument Coures". GATTS, Inc. also offers the very popular 3-Day Commercial course as well as Tailwheel, Aerobatics and IFR Refresher courses. GATTS, Inc. courses are unique in that all training is done one-on-one and tuitions are all inclusive. Train in you aircraft or ours! GATTS, Inc. has three locations to better serve our customers. Manhattan, Ks. Louisville, Ky and Houston, Tx. Give us a call tol free at: 1-888-778-6676 or stop by our web site: gatts.org.

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  • PC-based IFR-Trainer
    Fahsig produces the pc-based IFR-trainer LAS 4.1, approved by several european countries.

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  • Inflight Innovations
    - Offering airlines an online cabin crew training facility.

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  • Training Simulators
    pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of world class, state-of-the-art training simulators.

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  • Aviation Training Directory
    A portal for aviation proffesionals to search for aviation courses. searchable main categories are, crew courses, pilot courses, maintenance courses, and management courses.

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  • Flight training | Type ratings
    Find Your flight training and type ratings here. Browse our aviation directory and post at type ratings forum.

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  • Higher Power Aviation
    - Airline and professional aviation training and consulting services to individual pilots.

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