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Links :

  • AviationCareerGuide.com
    Information on flight school training, studying for an aviation degree, military flying and all the certificates including PPL, CPL, ATPL, CFI, CFII and MEI.

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  • Aerosim Technologies, Inc.
    Bizjet and GA – Complex avionics equipment is rapidly making its way into today’s Business Jet and General Aviation type aircraft. This advancement places tremendous challenges on the training industry and the corporate and private pilots who need to be trained. To address this issue, FlyAerosim was created, which focuses on providing training tools direct to the Business Jet and GA operators with both instructional and practice scenarios for the advanced avionics in these aircraft.

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  • Global Air Training
    Global Air Training delivers high quality aircrew training services to airlines, aviation operators and associated companies worldwide. We have market leading expertise in the fields of Crew Resource Management (CRM), Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP), Aviation Security, Aviation First Aid (Immediate Care) and Cabin Service.

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    COCKPITWEB is a new PILOT WEBSITE dedicated to pilot training, aviation software, books and simulators. Check out our new IFR SIMULATOR created by professional pilots! Learn to fly like the pro's and download the demo now.

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  • Aviator Academy
    Aviator Academy provides high quality Internet based training for pilots of all types. We offer ground training in all categories and classes, for certificates from Private to ATP.

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  • AF.TV
    AF.TV is an information source for learning, becoming a better pilot, aircraft maintinance, and a lot of other fun information.

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  • Aviator Flight School
    Founded in 2000, AFC is proud to be recognised as one of the best flight training Organization in Cyprus. Fully approved by the Department of Civil Aviation, the AFC trains pilots from all over the world, towards a Private Pilot's Licence and it's associated ratings. AFC also prepares pilots for Commercial Licenses in the UK and USA. In addition to pilot training the AFC offers a number of other air services for the individual or business customer. Flying operations are contacted from Larnaca International Airport, based 30 minutes from the capital city of Nicosia. We operate a fleet of five airplanes, maintained by highly qualified and experienced engineers to an excellent standard.

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  • Pegasus Air, LLC
    Flight Instruction, Airplane Rental, Global Aviation Degree Center, CATS Testing Center, Approved for IFT/NIFT training

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  • Aero Training Products Inc
    Aviation training products: textbooks, videos, DVD courses, CD reference, software, simulators, wholesale

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  • CRJ Systems Study Guide
    Canadair Regional Jet Study Guide - designed for pilots transitioning into or upgrading to captain. Study for the FAA oral exam and general aircraft systems knowledge

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  • Yellowstone Valley Aviation
    We provide private, instrument, commercial, multi, instructor, and tailwheel in Billing, Montana. We are part 141 approved

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  • Gold Seal Online Ground School
    Feature Rich Multimedia Ground School Lessons. FREE, but you will need a high speed connection and a fast computer. Lessons, Library, Podcasts, & Forums.

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  • FlightNotams.com
    FlightNotams.com - dedicated to all your flight training needs.

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  • Correct Aviation Services
    Quality Aircraft Rentals, Cirrus SR22, Aircraft Management, Aircraft Leasing. Correct Aviation Services, LLC. is a new General Aviation company specializing in high quality aircraft and training.

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  • Sristys Aviation
    Sristys School of Airhostess, an education initiative by Sristys Aviation is into consulting, strategising human resource requirements of leading national and international airlines providing training to aspiring to be aviators

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  • Flight School Database
    Indexing 1,000+ flight schools word wide, with contact information.

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  • WCC Masters Flying School (WCC-MFS)
    WCC-MFS offers Private and Commercial Pilot training for airplane and helicopter. Also offers Multi-engine and Instrument Ratings, and Ground and Flight Instructor Certification.

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  • Answers for Pilots
    It is a site where visitors can ask, and answers each others aviation based questions.

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