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  • http://www.eliteprivatepilot.com/
    FREE online reference and easy-to-read information designed for future pilots, student pilots, recreational pilots, and private pilots! Covers material that all pilots are required to know for written tests, assessment tests, and Check Rides. Now features an exclusive printable E-Book of all Federal Aviation Regulations pertaining to Private Pilots. The content contained within this site is extremely helpful to aviation enthusiasts!

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  • Atlantic Aviation Inc
    Atlantic Aviation Inc represents a full time commitment, by both itself & affiliated trainees, to produce a quality flight training environment. As part of our commitment to you, we will provide personalized training, unlimited classroom lectures, simulator time, and use of our aircraft for practical examinations at no extra cost.

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  • The Pilot Training College (PTC)
    The Pilot Training College is a JAR Flight Training Organisation (FTO) fully approved for carrying out commercial pilot training at its training facilities in the US and Ireland.

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  • ProFlight Training Academy
    Whether you have zero time and want to learn to fly and become an airline pilot right away, or are a certified flight instructor seeking a flight instructor job, you may want to consider starting your aviation career with ProFlight Training Academy. There is no faster, more efficient or cost effective way to launch your professional flying career. ProFlight Training Academy, Inc. is a flight training center located in Jackson Michigan, just 30 minutes from Ann Arbor and the University Of Michigan. ProFlight Training Academy has the most professionally maintained training and rental aircraft. We offer exceptional flight training programs for Private Pilot through advanced career training, as well as exceptional service. To learn more about the flight training programs at ProFlight Training Academy, please visit http://www.proflightacademy.com/

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  • Seattle Airport Town Car
    APlusTownCar.com Offers Seattle Airport Shuttle Town Car and Limo Transportation Services at Affordable Rate.

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  • CFI Academy
    CFI Academy is a flight instructor training institute which specializes in the training for the initial issue flight instructor certificate applicants (CFI), and flight instructor instrument airplane (CFII) and multi-engine instructor ratings (MEI). At CFI Academy, flight instructor certificates and ratings’ training is all that we do. We believe that by keeping ourselves focused and involved in the CFI courses exclusively, we do a much better job with preparing our applicants for the FAA practical test (checkride), and have our entire infrastructure optimized for best results. This equates to more efficient training system resulting in better quality graduates, while keeping the training costs at the optimum level. And no distractions for anyone involved. Additional recommended reading: Benefits of training at an exclusive CFI training institute Our training philosophy Our mission statement There are a lot of informational articles in our BLOG section, and we constantly keep adding more on a regular basis. Visit us there by clicking on the link at the top navigation bar, and review the ones relevant to your needs. Even better, subscribe to them via email subscription or RSS feed so you never miss out on new information. Note: If you are considering becoming a CFI down the road, you should still read our blog regularly so you always have the new and updated industry knowledge. CFI Academy Courses Read our Courses page for detailed course information. Highlights of courses offered at CFI Academy are as follows: Certified Flight Instructor certificate (initial issue) – CFI single-engine or multi-engine Add on ratings – Flight Instructor Instrument Airplane and Multi-Engine Instructor (or single engine if the initial issue was on Multi-Engine) Ground Instructor – Instrument and Advanced Visit our Courses page for a complete course information and related information.

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  • Flight School Database
    Large directory covering more than 1,300 flight schools and pilot training institutions world wide. Learn how you can become a pilot today!

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  • Talk Aviation
    growing community of students, instructors and people who are enthusiastic about flying. Find all the necessary requirements of becoming any kind of pilot! Have a question? Just ask us on our forums and a flight instructor will answer your question.

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  • FlyingLessons.co.uk
    Resource site offering price comparison on UK flying lessons and experience flights, as well as aviation information and news.

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  • SGS Aerodrome Inspection and Training Services
    Aerodrome inspection and training services from SGS – reduce risk at your facilities and strengthen the reliability of your supply chain. Whether they are for remote facilities or transport hubs, aerodromes are a vital part of support infrastructure and must be maintained and run according to strict national and international regulations. Safe facilities are a prerequisite for the secure and timely supply of personnel and cargo to and from your site. Our aerodrome inspection and training services help you to reduce risk and improve productivity. We can inspect your aerodrome against International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), national regulatory authority, and customer specific standards, as well as industry best practice. WHY CHOOSE AERODROME INSPECTION AND TRAINING SERVICES FROM SGS? We can help you: • Identify and correct hazards within your aerodrome and its management systems • Review the surrounding area for obstacles and other risks, such as bird hazards or mine site blasting activities • Verify the effectiveness of your safety and emergency management systems • Provide training on daily inspection requirements and other aerodrome maintenance TRUSTED AERODROME INSPECTION AND TRAINING SERVICES FROM A WORLD-LEADING PROVIDER As a leading provider of aviation consulting and inspection services, we offer you a global network of aviation experts who can support your operations anywhere in the world. Our aerodrome inspection services include: • Inspection against regulatory and custom requirements • Facilitation of safety and emergency management exercises • Training and workshops for aerodrome personnel

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  • Flying Lessons - Worldwide Qualified Pilot Training
    Flying lessons with all training you need to be a worldwide qualified pilot. Epic Flight Academy is a top flight academy well known for major advancements in international student pilot training. Over 85% of our student pilots come from abroad. We have an estimated 190 international students taking flying lessons right now from various countries in the world. Epic’s flying lessons have been designed for international students in need of an Airline Pilot Training curriculum to prepare them for their professional career. Our complete courses include all flying lessons necessary to allow you to return to your country or future country of employment and apply for an airline pilot position.

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  • Afta Pilot
    AFTA FLIGHT SCHOOL combines flight school with advanced simulator training. Our process will give the new student the best experience possible and make learning to fly as enjoyable and affordable as possible. AFTA offers an extraordinary opportunity of studies, full of knowledge, technology and innovation. Prestige and knowledge identify us with high quality aeronautic capacitation in the US.

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  • Pilot Precision
    Pilot Precision is a blog written by a corporate pilot. It includes posts on training routes, experiences in the air, and reviews of products that have been useful through training and into everyday life in the cockpit

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