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  • Air Cargo Charter
    For all your cargo transportation requirement.

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  • Exquisite Air Charter
    Worldwide charter specialists with access to aircraft worldwide.

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  • Prive Jets
    Prive Jets offers worldwide jet charter services for helicopters, light jets, mid size jets and heavy jets. Be ready to depart in as little as 4 hours notice.

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  • Aircraft Logix
    An air charter company, offering an unbiased approach to selecting the right aircraft for executive, group, VIP and air cargo transportation across the globe.

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  • RYL, A Private-Aviation & Lifestyle Co.
    RYL is a private jet charter company that caters to a discerning network of private jet flyers around the world. As a customer focused brokerage firm, RYL has revolved its services to reflect the needs of today’s private jet traveler. As such, RYL has come to specialize in on-demand private jet charter, jet card membership and aircraft sales and acquisitions. In addition to private-aviation, RYL established its Lifestyle Division to help their client’s explore their affluent lifestyle. This invitation only offering presents members exclusive access to RYL’s private trunk shows, events, tastings and other unique connoisseurship experiences.

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  • Private Jet Charter Flights
    Welcome to Insight Jet Charter. Insight Jet Charter is your Premier Private Jet Charter service. Insight Provides worldwide executive, corporate and personal private jet booking services. Now booking a private is as easy as buying an airline ticket without the headache of searching for and operator. We do all the work for you. Chartering a private jet has never been so simple. Safety, Flexibility, Convenience With Insight Jet Charter travel is a pleasure. Whether you're flying for business or pleasure you will discover just how convenient executive jet charter can be. You will forget the busy world you left behind and relax in style and comfort. Features and benefits: Access to the finest late model aircraft Gourmet inflight meals Concierge services Limousine service No long security lines Private terminals Fly on your schedule Over 3000 available aircraft Over 5000 available airports The flexibility to use more than one aircraft at a time Significant savings over fractional or jet card programs Savings on empty leg flights Free online quoting and booking Online flight tracking Trip safety auditing Quoting and booking Insight has developed an effortless flight chartering process. Just fill out our online quoting form and you will receive your flight quote in a matter of minutes. We will immediately begin to process your request and search for the best aircraft to fit your requirements. In addition, we will search for available empty legs that meet your criteria to save you the reposition cost. Contact us at: 1-800-258-7519 Email request for quote to: Jetquote@insightjetcharter.com

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  • StarJets Inc.
    StarJets is a leading provider of private Jet Charter flights. StarJets also offers Jet Membership Cards and complete solutions for aircraft acquisitions, financing and management. The company has offices in the US and Europe.

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  • Presidential Private Jet Vacations
    Presidential Private Jet Vacations – Experience the one-of-a-kind vacation anywhere in the world. Presidential Aviation, in partnership with world-recognized names in the luxury travel industry, offers unique jet vacations aboard our fleet of sumptuously appointed late-model aircraft that include Gulfstream, Challenger and Falcon Private Jets, among others.

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  • Take Flite Private Jets
    Take Flite provides flight solutions for the global private jet traveler. On demand private jet charter, jet charter, private jet charter, charter flights.

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  • Tucan Limo Services Costa Rica
    We specialize in upscale, private SUV tours on Costa Rica Tucan Limo Services, provider of meeting and event services and coordination, offers luxury chauffeured transportation all over Costa Rica.

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  • Aircraft Logix
    A US-based air charter company, offering an unbiased approach to selecting the right aircraft for executive, group, VIP and air cargo transportation across the globe.

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  • Helinet Aviation - California Helicopter Services
    Helinet Aviation provides premium helicopter services for multiple markets nationwide—serving the motion picture, news, charter, medical, and government industries with unparalleled professionalism and quality.

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  • Civilian One Jets - Jet Cards
    The Civilian One JetCard is perfect for business or personal travelers seeking all the benefits provided by the private aviation market. It’s ideal for travelers seeking cost-effective travel without the increasing inconveniences of commercial airlines. The Civilian One JetCard provides peace of mind – the aircraft and operators you need, when and where you need them, plus the safety, service, speed, comfort and reliability of the private jet industry.

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  • Air Charter Services India
    air charter service india provides aircraft, helicopters, business jets, airliners for corporate, group travel and business to any destination in India

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  • M&N Aviation- Air Charter Service
    M&N Aviation offers the highest safety standards and the best in charter service. These luxuries are complimented by state-of-the-art aircraft and the highest trained professionals to ensure your safety and comfort.

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  • Evojets
    evoJets, a private jet charter company is pioneering a new kind of private travel, one that maximizes value by empowering individuals with the information and options necessary to make savvy, sensible travel choices. evoJets consistently delivers extraordinary value in private aviation by providing efficient charter flight services and honest consultation for our clients. Either as a standalone solution or as a supplement to your existing jet card program, evoJets looks forward to working with you.

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