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  • Presidential Aviation – Private Jet Charter
    With worldwide operations, Presidential Aviation delivers a consistently high quality, premium jet charter experience. Safety and security are non-negotiable. Customer service is incomparable. Our jet charter teams provide around-the-clock dispatch services to accommodate any time zone. From takeoff to touchdown, we do it all with the highest level of ethics and integrity. Our dedication to aircraft maintenance is the cornerstone of our reputation for safe and reliable travel. As a leader in corporate aviation, Presidential Aviation has been lauded for our excellent performance by industry auditors and discriminating clientele alike. In many respects, our quality is easy to see: elegant and beautifully appointed private jets with every amenity tailored to your personal comfort. Other aspects of excellence are less visible but equally important: Our pilots, crew and flight managers have acquired the industry\'s most rigorous training and safety credentials. Presidential Aviation manages a fleet of superior corporate jets including Gulfstreams, Challengers, Falcons and Hawkers. Our aircraft and personal attention to detail mirror the exceptional quality and grace of the lifestyle that our cultivated clientele expects and enjoys. Our goal is to deliver sumptuous, discriminating travel experiences aboard impeccably maintained late-model aircraft.

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  • Every UK Private Jet Charter Operator
    An information source for anyone interested in chartering a private jet. Every single UK private jet charter operator listed and profiled, detailing where they're based and the aircraft they fly. Plus specs and photos of the various private jet types.

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  • Air Charter Flights |Aargus Air |Grand Rapids, MI
    On-demand, private air charter serving business and individuals who seek fast, efficient, private air transportation. We offer business jet of various capacities, as well as turboprop and piston aircraft. \"The only schedule we keep is your own\"

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  • Air Charter Service
    At Air Charter Service our mission is simple: To provide our customers with outstanding service, unrivalled flexibility and unparalleled value. Founded in the UK in 1990, we are now globally recognised as one of the leading names in aircraft chartering. Our continued year on year growth has meant our revenue now exceeds $400 million per year and arrange over 6000 full charter contracts annually, many of which consist of multiple sectors.

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  • JetSuite.com
    JetSuite provides private air travel geared towards ease and efficiency, offering great deals on the industry\'s most fuel efficient jets.

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  • Private Jet Charters
    Are you looking to charter a private jet? If so, then this site, "Private Jet Charters" should be useful. Provides a listing of companies in the United States that provide private jet chartering services. Here you will also find industry news, an interesting online store, chat room, and more.

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  • The Early Air Way
    For years, The Early Air Way has been a reliable and trusted aircraft provider for US senators, governors, and Fortune 1000 CEOs. We are operated by experienced and passionate aviation professionals who make sure your experience is beyond expectation, and we have among the best air crafts for Corporate Jet Charter, Private Jet Charter, and Air Charter for other special occasions. Visit http://www.theearlyairway.com/ for more info!

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  • Private Jet Charter, Helicopter Hire, Air Charter, Germany
    Aerocharter Nord is the German Private Jet Charter Broker for your bsuiness aviation requirements. Our service includes: complete made-to-measure trips to the airport which is close as possible to your final destination saving lots of your precious time; flexibility to react to impromptu changes to your last minute decisions; assistance with the formalities before, during and after the trip.

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  • Exclusive charter service
    Providers of Luxurious Y.acht and Jet charters. Fully crewed and fully customizable to your business needs worldwide

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  • Flight Driver
    Advertise your Empty Legs, Aircraft Sales, and Aircraft Charter on FlightDriver.com

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  • CSI Aviation Services, Inc.
    CSI Aviation Services, Inc. (CSI) established in 1979, is a diversified and experienced worldwide aviation services company. We offer air charter, aircraft leasing and aircraft purchase using commercial aircraft, executive jets and turboprops as agent for our customers or the air carrier.

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  • CanCharter Aviation Inc.
    MAKE FLYING EASY! Charter with us today! We book everything from very light jets to airliners. Our specialized knowledge of the aviation industry means you’ll get the right aircraft for the task. Our promise is simple: reliable, turn-key service that meets your specific needs. Also, since we are licensed under the Office of Consumer Protection (OPC) in Quebec, we include end user supplier bankruptcy protection in all our quotes.

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  • Private Jet Charter
    Fly Me Now are able to supply a large range of private jets for your travel needs, no matter the reason for wanting to charter a jet you can be sure we will provide one of high quality.

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  • Jet Booking Direct
    Jet Booking Direct is a worldwide jet charter company based in the UK. We offer private jet hire services as well as a london helipad and helicopter charter.

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  • Private Jet Services
    Private aviation charter broker specializing in ad hoc and recurring 121 and 135 programs.

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  • Hi Fly
    Hi Fly is an EU - OPS carrier, FAA approved, EASA and IOSA certified. The company operates presently 10 long range widebody last generation fly-by-wire aircrafts: A310´s (2 units), A330´s (4 units) and A340´s (4 units), with two additional A330’s and two additional A340’s in line for phase along 2013, exclusively available for wet lease worldwide. Wet leasing (supply of aircraft with crew, maintenance and insurance) is Hi Fly core and sole business, therefore unmatched operational expertise in this very specific field has been developed over several years of experience. Hi Fly is capable of setting remote operational basis for the wet leased aircraft, adapting to the customer\'s needs, and offers high standards of safety and service (including operating aircraft under your livery) while remaining competitive in the market place, always keeping a tight control over its operations to ensure compliance with EASA and any local applicable regulations. Hi Fly’s team works very hard to make every mission a great success and doesn’t overlook any detail so that passengers can be surprised by the comfort of the cabin, the variety of inflight entertainment, the excellent onboard service and the friendly crew. Hi Fly is the major private company dedicated to Wet Leasing across Europe.

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  • CSI Aviation
    CSI Aviation is a unique, global aviation services and management company providing comprehensive aviation solutions to corporations, government agencies, athletic teams and individuals. Specializing in solutions for complex aviation support requirements, the company’s knowledge, logistical expertise and customer service are unrivaled in the industry. CSI brings integrity and reliability to every mission. As a worldwide leader in aviation services, CSI provides passenger and cargo air transportation, aviation logistics and program management, mission specific aircraft and private air charter support. A global network of qualified and carefully screened partners enables CSI to provide comprehensive aviation services on a moment’s notice anywhere in the world.

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  • Private Jet Charter
    Sevjet has the highest standards in safety and offers the finest Private Jets in the industry.

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