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    Live with your plane! South Florida and throughout Florida, enjoy owning in a 'Fly In' Community. Featured properties for sale in air park communities, aviation links and resources.

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  • Mig 29 flight
    FlyFighterJet.com is your one-stop source for all that's fighter jet flying. Look no further and book your MiG-29, MiG-31, L-39, Hawker Hunter, Lightning or Buccaneer ride on FlyFighterJet.com

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  • iFlightPlanner.com
    iFlightPlanner.com provides easy-to-use web and mobile-based flight planning and logbook functionality. Perform critical pre-flight tasks, including checking aviation weather, flight planning, weight & balance calculations, flight plan filing and more, all in one website.

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  • ClipWings.com - The Aviation Community
    ClipWings.com is a new Internet-based community for aviation fans, provided by aviation fans. Set up your individual profile at ClipWings.com and present yourself as well as your aircraft. Use ClipWings.com to present or promote your own air show, or publish your pictures or videos to share them with other users internationally. Get in touch with others, meet old friends, or make new friends, and link up with like-minded people.

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  • Archer Bravo Aviation
    Helps student and renter pilots find the best priced aircraft near them.

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  • Airparks in Florida
    Realtor for any aviation related real estate in Florida

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  • Aviacion
    "Aviacion.tv es tu canal de aviación en internet. Noticias, videos, fotos, información sobre aviones y todo lo relacionado con el mundo de la aviación

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  • Recreational Flying
    The leading Australian recreational flying website and discussion forums. Includes a large online group of recreational aviators plus free flight planner, Google Earth airstrips, comprehensive weather page, photo gallery, video chat room, TV Channel, Classifieds and much more

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  • Aviation Explorer - Aviation Resources
    Offering Aviation: Aircraft: Airlines: Jets: Movies Free Videos: Airplane Posters, Paper Airplanes, Origami, RC Airplanes, Model Airplanes, Aerospace Jobs, Live ATC, Live Airport Video, Air and Vacation Packages, Military Aircraft, Air Mishaps, Discount Airline Tickets, Vintage Aerospace Posters, Army, Flight, History, Movies, Navy, Photos, Space, Air Force, Aircraft, Military, Pilot, Airplanes, Jets, Memorabilia, UFO, US Navy, World War 2, Area 51, Flight Sim, Norad, US Military, USAF, Airliners, Boneyard, Book a Flight, Flight Simulators, Military Uniforms, Sonic Boom, Wright Brothers, Aviation Art, Air Charter Flights, Military Rank Structure.

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  • Private Aviation
    Private Aviation. Find and view online companies offering private jet charters, fractional aircraft and other aviation services.

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  • Charter a Jet
    Charter a flight with PrivateJet.com and save on hourly rates. Rent a Jet for as little as $2,200 per hour.

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  • flypastphotography
    a collection of military aviation photographs, and some non-aviation related shots, from an up and coming new photographer.

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  • Exprimental Aircraft Information
    We are all about building and flying homebuilt, experimental aircraft. Providing information on VFR flight planning, a selection of aviation weather maps, regulations (aviation law), aircraft insurance and articles on building homebuilt, experimental aircraft.

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  • Airline Travel Toolkit
    currency converter and multi year calendar, world clock and air miles distance calculator, airport codes and global weather, airline flight and airport status, booking status and itineraries, airlines contact and flight offers database, city and country codes, aircraft available for charter

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  • online awos weather
    live 24/7 awos weather from airports in US and Hawaii

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