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  • Civil Aviation Resource Net of China
    CARNOC, an Internet-based service that specialises in a diverse range of aspects relating to China's civil aviation sector, and it has grown into an internationally recognised organisation. CARNOC has become one of the most professional and the largest civil aviation web-based services provider from China. It has both Chinese and English version websites. The Chinese version can be viewed at http://www.carnoc.com

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  • Experimental Aircraft Information
    Experimental Aircraft Info is the starting page for information about homebuilt aircraft and flying them in the Benelux and Europe. Our goal is to provide information about VFR flight planning, weather, regulations and homebuilt, experimental aircraft.

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  • Aerlines
    Aerlines international magazine for students & professionals of aviation

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  • Griffin Helicopters
    A unique collection of helicopter resources, including the webs best collection of helicopter videos.

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  • hailajet.com
    Welcome to the availability directory for Low-cost carriers, Charter airlines, and air taxis. Sign up now and list your aircraft, fares and shared charter availability online.

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  • Mesa Air has no Aloha, go! is not a Hawaiian Airline
    Fly to Hawaii but don't get taken advantage of by go!. Don't waste your money on go! airline tickets and save yourself the headache. Mesa Airlines, Go's owner Mesa has a well-documented history of poor service and customer dissatisfaction. Go is competing unfairly in Hawaii. Please do not support them.

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  • Fly Fighter
    FlyFighterJet.com is your one-stop source for all that's fighter jet flying. Look no further and book your MiG-29, MiG-31, L-39, Hawker Hunter, Lightning or Buccaneer ride on FlyFighterJet.com

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  • Sea Wings
    Cwings.com or "Sea" Wings provides news and information from the seaplane, float plane and equipment industries

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  • Aviation Online
    The premier aviation supersite for Australia and New Zealand, Aviation Online - made by pilots for pilots! Featuring free forum, business directory and classified ads, information on learning to fly, news, features, pilot stories and more.

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  • Portal Meio Aereo
    It's about Aviation and Cabin Crew in Brazil

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  • Aviation Dimension
    Aviation Dimension - Your On-line Aviation Image Gallery, Aviation Photo, Resource List and Aviation Magazine.

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  • Pan Am Collectibles / Memorabilia
    This site offers an overview about collectibles and memorabilia of the first Pan Am airline (Pan American World Airways), which had operated from 1927 to 1991 world-wide.

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  • Type ratings. Flight training
    The only site you need to find your self-sponsored type rating. Jets or turboprops - it"s all here!

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  • FlyContract - pilot and flight attendant jobs
    The largest corporate pilot and contract flight attendant directory in the world. Used by employment agencies and provides training specials for pilots and cabin attendants. Built by CharterMatrix aviation industry website designers.

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  • Aircraft Maintenance Connections
    Aircraft Maintenance Connections is an exciting new aircraft maintenance website that offers aviation blogs, information, products, services, and more! Your "Tribal Knowledge" makes a difference with AMC. Come and watch your aircraft maintenance resource grow!

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  • cropdusters
    A site dedicated to cropdusters,firebombers,taildraggers,barnstormers. Merchandise for sale.

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