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  • Aero Files (Your FS Addon Shop)
    Aero Files is a addon shop for Microsoft Flight Simulator. All Aero Files products are photoreal where textures apply. Go now and try many of the free demos

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    Have you ever dreamed of running your own airline? Convinced you could build a super airline if only you had control over aircraft types, seating configuration, advertising, service levels, pricing?This is your chance... set schedules, order new aircraft, refurbish (chose from specific seats for each class of travel) or sell off older aircraft, buy into other airlines. AIRLINE includes photos taken around the globe (although these have been edited due to Airlines copyright considerations), schedule up to 500 aircraft on 210 sectors. Fly to any of 700 cities worldwide with fleet possibilities ranging from a DC8 or 707 right through to the latest offerings from Boeing, AIRBUS and other manufacturers. This is a serious hobbyist simulation. Don't expect an action packed arcade game or a flight simulator. AIRLINE is a business simulation aimed at aviation enthusiasts. The detail in this simulation extends to such things as traveller lounge access and whether or not you serve your customers free drinks or provide newspapers. Set up a Frequent Flyer program, launch a corporate takeover and assume control of your competitors, maintain aircraft servicing or suffer the dire consequences. The decisions are yours - the future of this airline is in your hands.

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  • FlightSimOnline  POPULAR
    Packed with downloads for aircraft, panels, scenery, utilities, NAVAIDS, etc! Special features: IFR's Picks & Interviews with indusry designers & developers - Fred Banting just added!

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  • ATS Systems
    - cargo software modules include reservations, airway bill, manifests, freight and interline accounting.

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  • Wyndemere Inc  POPULAR
    - air traffic controller software.

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  • AV-Base Systems
    - inventory and maintenance software.

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  • Aircraft Technical Publishers
    - offers aviation maintenance, operations, and information management systems as well as regulatory libraries.

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  • AeroInfo Systems Inc.
    - offers maintenance planning software for the air transport industry.

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  • Airshow Incorporated
    - passenger flight information systems for the airline and corporate aviation markets.

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  • Abacus Programming Corporation
    - provides short and long term engineering and software staff to support customer activities in aerospace, telecommunications, and commercial areas.

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  • AmazonTech
    - provides software and systems for air traffic management, image information management systems, wide area surveillance, and procurement and logistics systems.

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  • Avantext, Inc
    - provides airworthiness directives, aircraft owner lists, pilot lists, fully illustrated FARs, and more on CD-ROM.

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  • Flight Explorer
    - PC-based, real-time, graphical aircraft situation display (ASD) and management tool which uses a standard internet connection to display aircraft and weather information.

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  • Aeroprice Software
    - Publishers of aircraft pricing software. Site also offers tips on purchasing, "bluebook"- type values, market price updates, financing, and links to other airplane classified websites.

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  • RLM Software
    - features applications for gathering, processing, and distributing accurate, radar-based flight information.

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