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  • Sunfly-Air
    Sunfly-Air is a new German Virtuell Airline for use with FS X from Microsoft.

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  • European Virtual Airlines
    European Virtual Airlines (EVA) is a European-based virtual airline, serving over 60 destinations with a fleet of 10 different aircraft types: fly with anything from a small propeller aircraft to Boeing 747 and Airbus A340 and climb up the career ladder with EVA!

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  • Salzburg Airlines
    Salzburg Airlines is a new virtual airline based in Salzburg / Austria.Serving domestic and International destinations and still growing!

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  • Intrepid Airlines
    Intrepid Airlines is an airline with both real world and virtual pilots. We are about professionalism and having a fun time. We fly all around the world in a diverse fleet. When you can't wait for the world to come to you, Intrepid Airlines.

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  • Jet First
    Jet First, the latest low cost virtual airline to operate worldwide services from our main hub, London Gatwick. We offer a competitive long-haul route network across the Atlantic and to destinations in the east. Our friendly and professional team of fellow pilots will make you feel at home, from your first flight to your final one.

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  • United Virtual Airlines
    United Virtual attempts to simulate the real world United's fleet and routes. Using VAFS as our pirep system, we offer an easy ranking system while maintaining professionalism and realism.

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  • Skyblue Airways - Painting the sky's blue !
    Skyblue Airways is part of the massive community at www.simfly.eu. We choose simfly to host our airline as they have the AFTS System (Advanced Flight Tracking System). Please see our website to join our airline.

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  • Fly Mjet
    Mjet started as one of the first va's in Europe during 1998. This 11 years old airline has a low fares structure with a modern fleet of Airbus-models for the short haul and several Boeing 767's for a new long haul venture which entered the market in 2008. Over 100 destinations are served out of several bases across the European continent.

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  • North Star Airways Virtual
    Welcome to North Star Airways. Founded on November 28, 2008. Come and FLY for FUN. With Hubs in Detroit(KDTW), Kansas City(KMCI), Las Vegas(KLAS), and Atlanta(KATL), your able to fly anywhere you want(litterally). Although we have a flight table, we allow our pilots to fly out of any of our hubs to any destination they want. If you like what you see, come and join us!

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  • Kelowna Air Virtual
    Kelowna Air now owns six airlines and we are always looking for new pilots. We fly all over the world and would like you to come in our airlines and look around. My airlines are support FS2004 and FSX with both types of aircraft.

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  • Styrian Spirit
    We are an Austrian Virtual Airline.

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  • Legend of the Skies: Virtual Aerobatics
    also known as Vatobatics, fly any aircraft , anywhere to the extreme (only on VATSIm multiplayer world wide network) www.vatsim.net

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  • Fly Lynx Virtual Airlines
    A new virtual airline, based in the UK covering Europe and soon the USA. Now looking for pilots and management staff.

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  • Airnorth Virtual Airlines
    Air North Virtual is a Virtual Airline based in Darwin, Australia. We are a flight simulator based virtual airline for online flight simulation. We use an advanced PIREP system that has an online flight tracker, realistic fleet scheduling and dispatch center.

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  • FlyIreland Virtual
    FlyIreland Virtual was set up in August 2010. The virtual was for users of any Flight Simulator's simulating the operations of the an airline. Our goal is to ensure that Flight Simulator enthusiasts like the founders are set out to witness and take an active role in developing many new skills and widening their knowledge to help them in the game and life as well giving them a bigger insight into the aviation industry. FlyIreland Virtual has a friendly enviroment on our teamspeak 3 server. Pilots can easly record their flights on the website and compete with other active pilots. We have also joined to vacentral.net so we can compete with other virtual airlines too. We like to provide everything that our members need. **THERE ARE CURRENTLY STAFF POSITIONS AVAILBLE - VISIT http://flyirelandva.com/index.php/pages/jobopportunities FOR MORE INFORMATION** - We are currently creating new routes all across Europe and some parts of America - We now have our pilot system up and running - We have an active forum full of information - We have an active management team - We use kACARS to record all the pilots flights - Realistic routes that Aer Lingus and Ryanair fly. - Compete against other pilots in the same va - Earn vmoney - We now have our own private teamspeak 3 server - And much more..! .....so why not join us today at: http://www.flyirelandva.com Last edited: 22 - December - 2010

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  • Flight Unlimited Virtual
    Flight Unlimited provides pilots with unlimited possibilities; fly everything from military to civilian, an A380 to a Bell Helicopter. Take to the skies with your favorite plane using VAFS to track your flight!

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  • AirSenay Virtual
    A brand New VA substitute Skybus VA due to Various reasons, it closed. We are FREE and EASY for new Flight Simmers and Excellent for Old FS souls. Its a effective site and I took my time on it. It Is FREE to join and Easy and Fast to become a member!

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  • Caribbean Atlantic Virtual
    -Caribbean Atlantic Virtual is a fast growing online flight community, and we are becoming the number one in flight. Opened in February 20, 2009 it has received over 30 thousand views world wide.

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