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  • Chicago Aviation
    Established in 2007 Chiciago Aviation is now a fully fuctional virtual airline with hubs at Chiciago O HARE they have a fully custom fleet reapaints for all of there modern jet fleet

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  • Virtual SKYBUS
    With our 13-strong fleet of Airbus A319-112s,

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  • Cheap Flights To Lagos
    Search and Book get discount on Cheap flights to lagos worldwide. Search millions of flights deals online and get Bargain Flights from all uk airlines.

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  • Continental Virtual Airlines
    Fly continental is the newest Continental on the block. Free websites, free voice server, and a new ACARS!

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  • UneikAir Virtual Airlines
    UneikAir is a growing PRO ATC and Virtual Airline for FSX. We strive in excellence and quality for the FSX Multiplayer enviorment. We conduct daily PRO ATC, Military OPs for FSX, and much more! Check us out at www.uneikair.com what do you have to loose?

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  • Air Mokum VA
    Air Mokum is a regional VA operating out of Amsterdam Schiphol. We operate the Dash8, Fokker 100 and Airbus 319. We have a professional and creative website.

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  • AIR UK Virtual
    We are a start up Virtual Airline looking to simulate the operation of a real life airline. We operate a fleet of Boeing 737 500 aircraft out of our two hubs Newcastle and Manchester. So feel free to have a look around and help us to become one of the best Virtual airlines around.

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  • NorthLink Virtual Airline • Serving Pacific NW - USA (NLA)
    At NorthLink VA we cater to both new and experienced simmers. Looking for Pilots - 18 yo - 99 • • • Join / Fly our Great VA • for Northwestern USA • Over 350+ Routes.HASSLE FREE -- ACARS System..!!! Routes Served: Alaska / Horizon • Westjet • Northern Air Cargo • ERA Aviation • Skywest • Polar Air Cargo NorthLink History: In the big scheme of things, NorthLink was first born as "Rainbird Airlines." This was successful endeavor in that Rainbird had many flying pilots. Accumulating millions of virtual dollars on the VAFS system the VA's financial model was sound. After a successful two year run we merged with MidCon which is a premier Part 121 based simulation. Issues with an excellent home grown ACARS system slowly chipped away at some of the realism the VA provided and with the substitution of VAFS we did have a fair run of success. Pilot Requirements: At NorthLink we cater to both new and experienced simmers. Any past VA hours will be transferred on the "honor" system. We have used this method in the past and have found high levels of honesty. We have only three ranks: First Officer, Captain and Senior Captain. These ranks are acheived either by transfer hours or actual VA flight hours. 0-50 hours for First Officer, 51-125 hours as Captain and 126 and over for Senior Captain. In an effort to protect privacy and to exceed the standards set by US Law we have chosen to limit membership to the VA and our forum site to those over the age of 18. (Younger pilots do not dispair as there are many VA's that will accept those over the age of 13) Online Flying: Is not required but encouraged. All flights online should use the "NorthLink" callsign and numeric portion of the flight number. Example; ASA64 would be "Northlink" 64 while being controlled. We expect patient, courteous and professional representation. Suggested online systems would be VAFSMP, Vatsim and IVAO. All fine systems for an excellent online experience! Please consider joining NorthLink VA.... One of a kind in the VA world with friendly staff, reasonable expectations and home to a great learning experience. We look forward to flying with you!! ********* NorthLink Virtual is in no way affiliated with the real world Alaska Airlines tm, WestJet Airline tm, Northern Air Cargo tm, or ERA Alaska tm. Polar Air Cargo. We are simply fans and this Virtual airline is not meant to depict or simulate their actual operations in any way. This is a "not for profit" and free site for Flight Simulator enthusiasts only. ©Copyright 2011 NorthLinkVA 2011 All Rights Reserved

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  • pmFlight
    Airline training, 737 and a320 flight simulators. Other services include Line Orientation (LOFT), Jet Orientation (JOC), Command Training and License Proficiency Check Preparation.

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  • FlyShift Virtual
    Virtual airline operating from Lisbon, transporting PAX and Cargo, join us!

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  • Europe Airlines
    If you are a flight-simmer, searching for a virtual airline that is operational over Europe, extended with some long-haul operations towards far, well known locations. then join Europe Airlines today. our philosophy is to ensure realism, as much as But we aspire for a minimum of realism in our hobby. Some of pilots flying on the this differnt networks. We are Ready for pilots For users of FS2004 (FS9),FSX FS-Steam Xplane and Prepare 3D.

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