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  • C17Pilot.com
    Informational site about the Air Force C-17 Globemaster.

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  • Pakistan Defense Forces
    Detailed Analysis of Pakistani Armed forces, Defence Videos, Nuclear Facilites, Pictures and defense related issues with refrence to India & Indian Nuclear Doctrine. Detailed account on Pakistani missile, nuclear program, ...

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  • America's Air Force
    Explore the world's greatest Air Force in this comprehensive collection of active aircraft in the United States arsenal.

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  • The Virtual Air National Guard
    Announcing the formation of Virtual Air National Guard! The Virtual Air National Guard is comprised of flight simulator enthusiasts that enjoy simulating the training and missions of the US Air National Guard. We strive to recreate, as accurately as possible with-in the confines of computer simulation, the difficult job preformed by our men and women in uniform at the same high standards held by those professionals Just like our real life counter-parts, the vANG provides members with the flexibility to be able to fly civilian aircraft for other virtual airlines and the ability to serve in the military. Currently have have three operational wings waiting for pilots. We are now operating the F-15, F-16 and KC-135 out of the New England Area.

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