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  • FromTheFlightdeck.Com
    Aviation Stories – User submissions to the Forums are chosen to be moved to the front page, Aviation Jokes, Photoshop’s and much more. Q&A's with the authors.

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  • A Crazy Glider
    A crazy glider. A flying painting. Cartoons: Awac bird watching a funny squadron. Flying Penguin Association. Sad cartoon with "Woody" April Fool joke at Eindhoven Airport. And some serious information about Forty Years soarng with PH-314.

    Out Hits:  4866,   Rating:  6.7  , Votes:3   Rate It
  • Aviation Humor and Cartoons
    Lots of aviation humor and cartoons. Information about books with aviation humor

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  • Chicken Wings Aviation Cartoon
    Watch the employees of the small airline "Roost Air" struggle through the day! See how the aviation business REALLY works! :-)

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  • Your Captain Speaking
    Wisdom with humor through the eyes of the fearless aviator.

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  • DH Airlines
    Dh Airlines is run by a giant rabbit and consequently ofers a unique flying experience

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