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  • Light Aviation Database
    Find pictures and performance data for more than 160 different ultralight aircraft. Add your own aircraft and links to the database! Join the "Pilots Talk Forum".

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  • VolareULM.it
    Il portale č dedicato al mondo del volo ultraleggero e all'aviazione sportiva italiano.

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  • Aviacion ULM
    Pagina de Aviacion deportiva en ultraligero y Aviacion General.

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  • Homebuilt Aviation
    Homebuilt Aviation designed to provide an all metal 2 place side by side kit aircraft using the RG 2000 100 hp geared engine. The Typhoon was concieved to supply a more affordable and a more complete kit onto the market with the view that more enthusiasts can participate in flying by reducing costs and by building there own aircraft.

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  • Cri-Cri
    Website about the Cri-Cri, the world smallest plane with two engines. Movies, pictures, informations and contacts.

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  • SKY-Maxx: A very special aircraft
    The Sky-Maxx, the ideal aircraft for pilots desiring the higher cruise speeds available with aircraft in the Small Light Aircraft (SLA) or ultralight category, whilst still maintaining the short field capabilities of the traditional microlight.

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  • Aviation Products
    Ultralights for commercial and sportsscale models for R/C flights

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  • Microlight Scotland
    Weightshift microlight school in central Scotland. Full training for NPPL microlights and great gift vouchers.

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  • Powered Parachutes & Sport Flying
    Contains a list of instructors, training facilities for powered parachutes, details of rules and regulations, coming events, reports on past events, and general PPC information.

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  • Highland Aerosports Inc.
    Hang gliding lessons, solo aerotows, sales, & service. Located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Highland Aerosports is the only full service hang gliding flight park in the Baltimore, DC, & Philadelpia area.

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  • Paramotor and paragliding FLY CASTELLUCCIO
    Paramotor - Paragliding and Trike - FLY CASTELLUCCIO flight products Company ave experience as the design and manufacturing of paramotors and trikes ..

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  • Flying the Fish
    Flying the fish is an adventure documentary about flying microlights from Cape Town to the Fish River Canyon in Namibia. Africa's Grand Canyon and the second largest canyon system in the world.

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  • LightAirplanes1
    Portal dedicated to the ultralight flying with news and banners and ads spaces for sale. You can advertise your company, activity or site here and be informed on ultralight aviation and aircrafts. Store.

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  • Introduction to Ultralight Aviation
    This site offers information about ultralight and microlight aviation - free advice, categorizations, price information and more. It helps the ordinary man own his ultralight aircraft.

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  • Paradrenaline
    Extreme Paragliding Clothing. Paragliding t-shirts, long sleeves, hoodies and caps.

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  • Gurí Ultralight
    Two place ultralight aircraft in kits

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  • Fabulous Pendulous
    Ultralight Trike flying in France, only in French language (for instant). Photos, videos and two great link pages. Frequent updates.

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