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  • Royal Netherlands Air Force Association
    The association includes both civilians and military personnel and maintains close ties with the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF).

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  • Socata TB Users Group
    User group for all Socata TB series aircraft, pictures and stories, message board, aircraft specs, links and contact information

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  • Palm Pilot Pilots
    Palm Pilot Pilots is an email list for pilots who use Palm Pilots for aviation.

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  • I Fly America Association
    I Fly America promotes the safety, affordability, and growth of GA. Site offers a wealth of aviation information, and members have access to special programs, including insurance, travel discounts, newsletters, etc.

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  • Alaska Airmen's Association
    The Alaska Airmen's Association is the largest state general aviation group in Alaska. It is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization whose sole purpose is to promote and preserve aviation in our Great State.

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  • Hamburg - the place for aviation
    Hamburg’s aviation corporations as well as relevant associations, institutes andauthorities, have established joint initiative under the name of „Hamburg - the place for aviation“.

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  • Mission Aviation Network
    A resource for all students, missionaries and interested persons who work as Christian pilots, engineers or support staff in mission aviation and aviation relief organisations around the world.

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  • Miracle Flights for Kids
    Volunteer pilots needed to help fly sick children & adults to medical treatment. Join today!

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  • Palo Alto Airport Association
    The PAAA is an airport advocacy group dedicated to improving the Palo Alto Airport for all users.

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  • RF-4B Phantom II Society
    The history and preservation of the Marine Corps RF-4B Phantom II aircraft

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  • Distinguished Flying Cross Society
    The Northwest Chapter of the Distinguished Flying Cross Society is comprised of aviation heroes in the Northwest dedicated to the perpetuation of the history of the cross.

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  • OSTIV- Mountain Wave Project
    Global Exploration and Forecast of Mountain Waves and Rotors in connection with outstanding soaring flights. Soaring with a glider in the mountain waves over the andes, pers.,logfiles,videos and actual wave forecasts for 3 regions

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  • Partners@Solberg
    (Pilots And Residents Together Negotiating Effective and Reasonable Solutions). Information and education people about general aviation's benefits.

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  • PDK Airport Association
    The PDK Airport Association (PDKAA) is a non-profit organization for pilots, businesses or non-pilots that work, fly, or are just interested in aviation at the DeKalb Peachtree Airport(PDK).Join your fellow aviation community members that are dedicated to the purpose of promoting the positive aspects of DeKalb Peachtree Airport, providing a voice in matters concerning the airfield, and its use by everyone

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