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  • AirNav  POPULAR
    - General guide for the aviation industry provides detailed airport, fuel and navigation data for pilots and commercial airlines.

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  • Airplanecharts.com  POPULAR
    - Aviation VFR and IFR Charts. Sectional and Terminal Charts. NOS Low Altitude Enroute Charts. Approach Plates and more.

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  • Royal Institute of Navigation
    - If you have an interest in navigation in its broadest terms - from aircraft Cat III landings though sailing for pleasure to orientation strategies with young children, then you should consider membership of the RIN.

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  • Nav Canada
    - Provides navigation services like air traffic control, weather information and many other services.

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  • Celestial Navigation Net
    - Annotated hub site of resources relating to navigating by the stars, including theory, practice, history, instruments, and classroom links.

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  • Aviation Formulary
    - Introduction to the mathematical processes used in navigation including great circle navigation theory.

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  • Backcountry Navigation
    Describes how to use a compass and a topographical map to navigate cross country.

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  • Airports En Route
    Online airports directory with flight plan calculator

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  • OA Guide to Map and Compass
    - An excerpt from The Backpackers Field Manual by Rick Curtis, including reference tables, illustrations and real life examples.

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  • world weather forecasts
    INTRODUCTION: This website has been designed to combine the biggest interests in weather forecasting with a special emphasis on safeguarding our shared environment. ABOUT TOM HAUF: Tom is the Chief Meteorologist at WTVH-TV, the CBS affiliate serving Central New York. He has been a television weather broadcaster since 1988. Recently he became the region's first and only Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, a designation granted by the American Meteorological Society after he successfully completed that group's rigorous testing procedures SERVICE PROVIDED: It offers zone and time specific forecasts for up to two weeks in advance for any location -worldwide! Forecasts are for business and pleasure travelers, commerce, industry, logistics, sporting events, marine interests etc.

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  • Electronic Compass
    - Sells magnetic sensor technology for cars, boats, bicycles, and hikers.

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  • The Institute of Navigation
    - Non-profit professional society dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of navigation.

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  • U.S. Sectional Maps On-Line
    - Aviation Sectional maps for educational purposes. Not to be used for flight planning or in-flight navigation.

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  • Lunar Rover Demonstration Navigation Group
    - About the Carnegie Mellon researchers creating a prototype for a new lunar rover that can navigate rugged terrain and the navigation system they're using.

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  • QDM
    - Flight planning for the private & student pilot made easy. QuDieM Navigator wind computer and free on-line aircraft bookings.

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