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  • Epic Flight Academy Airline Pilot Training
    For international or domestic students trying to decide on a pilot training academy, Epic Flight Academy is the only pilot training school that has designed an entry level course (Airline Skills Development) with our student’s needs and safety in mind, of course, as our top priority. Our flight academy stands on its own merit. Thousands of new flyers trusted Epic Flight Academy and obtained their license to fly. Look at so many of our past happy graduates’ pilot training accomplishments! We have state of the art equipment and an exceptional staff waiting to help you achieve your career goals! Give our courteous, certified and knowledgeable staff the opportunity to guide you on one of the greatest experiences of your life. Our guarantee is that upon successful completion of your pilot training you will graduate with the highest quality of training and be a top performer in the airline Commercial pilot industry.

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  • Sunrise Flight Academy - Airline Pilot Training in Florida, Flight School USA
    Sunrise Flight Academy (SFA), ideally located in sunny Ormond Beach, Florida, is known by students worldwide for top quality pilot training at a lower cost. Compare Sunrise’s flight training costs to other academies in the U.S., Europe and the Middle East, and you will see the cost advantages of Sunrise Flight Academy. If becoming an airline pilot is your goal, SFA offers the unique combination of better prices, individualized instruction and rapid completion of training.

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  • AviationSchoolsOnline.com
    AviationSchoolsOnline.com is a complete directory of flight schools and pilot training in the U.S. and abroad.

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  • Flying Lessons
    Offering Flying Lessons across the UK.

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  • Aviation Academy
    Aviation Training One International is a professionally-oriented aviation academy training students to become airline pilots, aircraft mechanics, flight operations officer, and aviation business managers.

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  • Orion Aviation
    Learn to Fly at Orion Aviation Flight School, San Diego, Flight Training, and Aviation School

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  • Phoenix East Aviation
    Phoenix East Aviation is a nationally accredited flight academy, which has been training pilot candidates for airlines worldwide since 1972. Courses prepared students for Private, Commercial and Airline Transport Pilot certification, as well as for certified flight instructor certificates and airline dispatcher training.

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  • Business Aviation Training
    Articles and news about business aviation training. Learn about industry events.

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  • Bristol Aviation
    We provide commerical airline flight training for pilots through our various flight school programmes.

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  • Flight Training International
    A Part 142, flight school providing advanced flight training for commercial pilots wishing to achieve specific a Boeing or Airbus type rating, regain currency, or require a pilot specialty course.

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  • Epic Flight Academy
    Epic Flight Academy is a top-rated international Cessna Service Center operating one of the largest flight training networks in the world. Our flight academy is strategically located in sunny New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA which allows our students to fly year round with the best weather and airspace for flight training.

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  • Aviation Training One International
    Aviation Training One International is a professionally-oriented aviation academy training students to become professional pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians.

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  • Cheap Flights to Auckland
    Auckland is a lovely city features mavelous breathtaking views, now you can easily pilan you trip to Auckland with Cheap Flights to Auckland UK.

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  • Hayward Flight
    We are a certified school commited to give our students the best. Hayward Flight is focused on a safe, secured, dependable staff and equipment. Through the years in operation, Hayward Flight averages on 12hrs of flight time to "first solo" & 45hrs of flight time to earn your private pilot certificate. Our record of 8.6hrs of flight time for first solo & 40hrs of flight time for private pilot certificate really makes us proud of our staff and students. The U.S. national average for private pilot certificate completion is approximately between 60 to 80hrs of flight time. HFS knows how to do it right even at the minimum FAA requirements of aeronautical experience to our graduates.We will be happy to help you. Please lets us know if you have any other questions. More info in our web page. www.haywardflightschool.com there are the updated prices.

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  • Academy of Aeronautics Canada
    Become an Airline licensed pilot today! we offer our student graduates employment! call today and experience a revolution in Commercial Pilot Training.

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  • Taking Flight
    Taking Flight is about personal contact and superior flight instruction. Our goal is to insure that you become a proficient and safe pilot.

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  • Randon Aviation
    Randon Aviation Utah's premier private pilot program, offers top quality avionics of the Piper Archers. As well as teaching adaptively, & making flying fun, are the primary focuses with our students. Providing excellence that surpasses expectations, leaving you with an unforgettable experience.

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