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  • EuroLivewire Airlines
    The largest, most advanced virtual airline on the internet!

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  • Euro Skyes
    We are a European expanding to international virtual airline.

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  • Pacific Airways
    A US based Virtual Airline offering lots of passenger and cargo routes worldwide. We currently have hubs in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Denver, and London in the UK. And if that isn't enough, we have a codeshare agreement with American Flight Airways, bringing the total number of available hubs to 15. Also, we recently opened our on-demand SilverJet charter service. Our professional and friendly staff and pilots will make you feel right at home.

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  • Union Airways
    Union Airways is the Spirit of the East Coast. We have been flying across the East Coast for over five years. Everyday we strive to be more like an airline we shaped ourselves after-Eastern. Thats how "We earn our wings. Every day."

    Out Hits:  2960,   Rating:  5.5  , Votes:2   Rate It
  • airTran Virtual Airways
    airTran VA is a brand new start up airline which flies to 12 cities with its 717 and 737 series aircraft.

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  • armenair
    This website is not finished yet, but when it does it will contain downloads of aircraft and descriptions. It will also contain links to virtual airlines. Climb on board.

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  • Blue Sky Virtual
    Blue Sky Virtual is a new va, still in the works, we have a good site and host, we are know only waiting for the planes to come from the shop with there new coat of paint. We are operating out of Our main base in Atlanta GA, along with Boston Logan Intl and San Fransico Intl. Our Fleet will be, spread out between Boeings and Airbus for our jet fleet and Dash-8 and BAE 125 for our reginal flights. We offer alot of great servies such as Dispatch center, Flight Assignments for those who choose, and navagtional and flight aids. We will take applications as of today for both staff and pilots apps, all pilots will be waived of the 30 day active rule intill the fleet is completed. So if you would like to try somthing not new, but that will offer great 1 on 1 exspeance with BSV then please stop by an concider BSV your next career.

    Out Hits:  2848,   Rating:  3.6  , Votes:7   Rate It
  • Polarairways
    Big Virtual Airline supporting online flying and is partner of Star Aliance group. Check out the web as 1500 other pilots have done before

    Out Hits:  2807,   Rating:  8.7  , Votes:3   Rate It
  • Voyager Airlines
    - Conglomerate holding VA incorporating fourteen VAs including famous names like Nene, Destiny, Tidewater and Great Lakes Express.

    Out Hits:  2805,   Rating:  7.3  , Votes:6   Rate It
  • Icelandair Virtual Airlines
    - Based on FS98 and FS2000, pilots may join others flying over the internet, logging their times, and climbing through ranks. [English, Iceland]

    Out Hits:  2743,   Rating:  5.5  , Votes:2   Rate It
  • Swiss Virtual Air Lines Ltd.
    Providing the world's best Flight Training School and Support, the SWISS authorized, supported and definite legal official virtual airline welcomes you among it's 250+ Man strong pilots community.

    Out Hits:  2729,   Rating:  8.3  , Votes:4   Rate It
  • BranikAir Virtual Airline
    - VA operating Cargo, charter and passenger services from Memphis, St Louis, Little Rock and Denver. Unusual type on the fleet, Antonov An22 also executive jets and a B727. Routes all over the US, Mexico and the Caribbean

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  • AFA Australia
    AFA Australia has hubs in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Auckland, New Zealand, offering a wide range of flights accross the continent as well as to Europe, Asia and the US. Together with a friendly and a professional staff you will feel home instantly.

    Out Hits:  2717,   Rating:  9  , Votes:3   Rate It
  • Sun Star Airlines
    Sun Star is a Virtual Airline for users of Microsoft FS2002 and FS2004. Sun Star is based at Nice Cote d'Azur Airport - LFMN in the South of France and operates a wide range of Passenger, Cargo and Helicopter services throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, the Caribbean, USA and Canada.

    Out Hits:  2717,   Rating:  7  , Votes:9   Rate It
  • West - Penn Air
    Brand new VA! 2 Contract flights for U.S. Post Office. Realistic start-up charter service. All finances are kept track of. Bills are subtracted from profits, and can be viewed on finance page in the CEO's Office. We are looking forward to strong growth into one of leading VA's in America (and beyond).

    Out Hits:  2690,   Rating:  4.5  , Votes:2   Rate It
  • Atlantic Sun Airways
    We are based out of four main hubs - Denver, Orlando, Newark and Amsterdam Schiphol. Founded in September of 1998, Atlantic Sun continues to strive for excellence, and we continue to meet our ultimate goal each and every day - to provide pilots with a realistic flight experience while maintaining an organized and professional environment. Atlantic Sun Airways is definitely a one of-a-kind virtual airline. Offering nearly unlimited numbers of flights per day, using different state-of-the-art aircraft, we provide an enjoyable and fulfilling virtual pilot experience.

    Out Hits:  2671,   Rating:  10  , Votes:2   Rate It
    This version of the H.A.F.C flies both online missions and offline missions. Full range of Hellenic military aircraft for download.

    Out Hits:  2641,   Rating:  8.2  , Votes:5   Rate It

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