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  • BuzzAway Airways
    BuzzAway Airways is a UK based Virtual Airline who fly on a variety of networks using Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Whilst we operate our own private flight server for those that prefer to fly without air traffic control we also wholeheartedly support both the VATSIM and IVAO networks. The organisation was created in April 2007 with the aim of allowing people to enjoy flying using the best freeware aircraft available on a variety of networks to suit an individuals particular desires. Our founding members all have previous experience with virtual military organisations and civilian Virtual Airlines. We operate from three hubs in the UK, London Luton, East Midlands and Coventry. London Luton and East Midlands both operate a variety of commercial cargo, air freight and passenger services over local, european and international routes. Coventry is home to BuzzAway Classics, a museum collection of vintage and classic aircraft maintained in flying order for chartered passenger flights and other services. BuzzAway Airways also offers a charter Learjet service from all three of our operating hubs, along with a number of smaller local routes flown regularly in our propliners. We welcome pilots of all ages, all we ask is that you have a good grasp of both written and spoken English and are familiar with the basics of the software that we use and are a competant enough pilot to able to take off and land without assistance. All of the aircraft we operate are freeware; we wish to both support freeware developers in their work and also make it as easy as possible for our pilots to get flying with us. Please browse the FAQ and hub pages and if you like what you see why not join us?

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  • Eastern Airlines Virtual
    Over 11 successful years! Dedicated to keeping the 'FALCON' alive in the virtual sky.

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  • Freedom Charters Virtual Flight Group
    Freedom Charters is a Virtual Flight Group that is relatively new and has there own website, as well as teamspeak and fshost servers. We fly any where and in any thing in all weather conditions. The group does every thing from search and rescue to cargo and passenger flights. Some of our pilots are also fseconomy pilots. We welcome anybody to join and have fun. The servers are on nearly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Just register at our website to join in the fun.

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  • Pan Am Clipper Connection VA
    A new VA based in Orlando Sanford and Bedford, MA. Pilots are always being hired. Come here for a more personalized VA experience

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  • West Express Airways
    West Express Airways, based in Los Angeles, CA, is focused on bringing fresh ideas and a community environment to the virtual airline industry. We offer service to many popular cities and operate a fleet of modern aircraft. Come experience flying, the way it should be today!

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  • Pan American World Airways
    Welcome to Pan American Airways Virtual Airlines! We are the virtual airline that welcomes Flight Simulator fans of the great Pan American World Airways of 1927 to 1991.

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  • flynfd
    flynfd is a new vAirline with headoffice in Nuremberg(EDDN). We fly to important Spanish destinations like Barcelona, Palma, Ibiza, Valencia, Madrid.

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  • Air Holland Virtual Airline
    Air Holland VA is a Virtual Airline based (with permission) on the Dutch airline Air Holland. We operate flights from our base Amsterdam-Schiphol to the Mediterranean Area, South Amerika, Caribbean and Afrika. Air Holland VA is also part of the Air Holland Fanclub witch is the first fanclub of an airline in the world.

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  • FlyMe Virtual
    Virtual Airliner based in Sweden. Join us and have fun!

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  • Sky Lémania Airlines
    It is a swiss regional VA wich operates filghts in all Europe, and all Switzerland.

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  • Your Perception - Think global
    The 3 Reasons to join this VA: 1. Meet people from all over the world with the same interest. 2. Fly from hubs in every continent. 3. Become a pilot: Your personal virtual pilot career..

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  • LewisAire Virtual Airlines
    LewisAire is a regional bush-flying operation situated in British Columbia; great fleet, great scenery.

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  • DEB Airlines
    A small commuter Virtual Airline, that is looking to grow.

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  • Virtual Relief Service
    Who do you fly for?? We fly for the helpless people.. Join Virtual Relief Service and fly humanitarian airlift operations.

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  • Anglo-Dutch Airways
    Anglo-Dutch airways flies flights from Amsterdam, Eindhoven, New York JFK & Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We fly many popular aircraft to destinations around the world

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  • Trans Global International
    Trans Global International is one of the newest virtual airlines that is based at Cardiff International Airport. Trans Global International offers all members a realistic experience including Standard Instrument Departures/Arrivals (SIDs & STARs. We aim to offer our members proffesionalism with spawning on the runway and rude/unproffesional behaviour not tolerated. Come and join us for a fun proffesional experience.

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  • Intrepid Virtual Airlines
    Intrepid Airlines gives you a full revolution of flying!! With a trained staff ready to support you whenever you need help, flight training with real world pilots, and journeys throughout the world, we can help take you where you want to go. Our fleet includes a Bush Flying Division, a Cargo Line, and Standard airliners. Intrepid Airlines makes flying a fun thing to do! For when you just can't wait for the world to come to you, only at Intrepid Airlines. Come join the Intrepid Virtual Airlines family. Check us out today, at www.intrepidairlines.com.

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  • Catfish Air
    Catfish Air (CFA) offers two scenarios in which pilots can operate. We offer civilian service as a regional airline which services the Southern United States and many Caribbean destinations. Our civilian airline fleet includes the AT-72, the CRJ-200, the CRJ-900, and the Boeing 737. We also offer our pilots the unique opportunity to fly "real-world" combat operation missions in the Middle East and Iraq theaters of operation by joining our Task Force Thunder (TFT). You can fly troops through hostile airspace from Kuwait into Iraq and Afghanistan. You can also fly special missions for awards by flying UH-60 Blackhawks and CH-47 Chinooks into hostile airspace to drop special ops troops for combat missions. Our military fleet includes the C-130 Hercules, the C-17 Cargo master, the UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter, and the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter. Catfish Air accommodates both X-Plane as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator X. You are sure to find something interesting to be part of when you are with Catfish Air. Stop by and start your adventure today. Our website offers automatic or manual pilot reports (XACARS for flight tracking), a live map, excellent pilot pay, pilot awards, a fair pilot ranking system, and even a very informative route and ILS runway database. We will soon be offering a pilot training department.

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