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  • Stallion 51
    - Training program designed for the pilots of a P-51 Mustang or similar high-performance aircraft.

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  • The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery
    - A full-time professional staff guides an international membership of researchers and supporters in the non-profit organization's efforts to find, save, and preserve rare and historic aircraft.

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  • Navy Lakehurst Historical Society
    - A non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the distinguished history of Naval Air Station Lakehurst, New Jersey, USA

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  • Nurflügel
    - History surrounding various flying wing designs.

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  • Holcomb's Aerodrome
    Details selected Pioneer Era, Great War and Golden Age aircraft. Detailed aircraft include the Ryan ST, Northrop Alpha, Nieuport 28, Martin TT, Curtiss JN4, B247, Laird Solution, DGA-6, P-12 and more.

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  • Flight Time Memories
    Pics, sounds, drawings and tales from the Uruguayan Air Force

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  • LAAHS.com
    - History of the development of aviation in Latin America

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  • Flying Clippers
    - This site aims to recreate the days of Pan American Airways and their Fabulous Flying Ships and aviation’s Golden Age 1934-1946.

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  • Classic Fighters
    - A Belgium based aircraft preservation group which tries to keep aviation heritage alive, they restore and operate several historic aircraft.

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  • Don Luscombe Aviation History Foundation
    - A not-for-profit organization formed to collect, preserve, display, and exchange engineering and historical data through a permanent historical foundation.

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  • Flying Pioneers Photographs
    - Late 20's - early 30's aviation photographs for sale; a special section dedicated to Lindbergh.

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  • Flights of Inspiration
    - Information on inspiration flights, like the Wright brother's first flight and the first non-stop transatlantic flight by Alcock and Whitten. Includes a Teacher's Notes section.

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  • The Jay Miller Aviation History Collection
    - The product of almost 40 years of intense collecting by Jay Miller of Arlington, Texas. It is one of the world's most significant aviation and aerospace reference libraries.

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