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  • Bi-Plane Adventures, Inc.
    - Specialize in vintage biplane aircraft rides at Cobb County airport in North Atlanta.

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  • Army Aviation Heritage Foundation
    - Dedicated to presenting the Army Aviation story to the American people through transportable flying presentations and static displays of the actual aircraft and equipment used by the men and women who served in Army Aviation.

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  • Aerofiles
    - Aviation history reference site with thousands of US aircraft types, some with pictures.

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  • Australian Jet Aviation History
    - Avro Vulcan visits to Australia Research aircraft, Avro 707A Pilotless target aircraft. Development of the Pika and Jindivik aircraft.

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  • 1910 Los Angeles International Air Meet
    - Information and access to materials including photographs, documents, and letters regarding the first International Air Meet held in the United States in January 1910.

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  • Stallion 51
    - Training program designed for the pilots of a P-51 Mustang or similar high-performance aircraft.

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  • Air Mail Pioneers
    - U.S. Air Mail Service Pioneers aviation history articles. Airmail milestones early pilots. Photographs of antique airplanes. Post Office ran mail 1919-1927. Commercial airlines worldwide origins.

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  • ASC History Office
    History of Aeronautical Systems Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Wright brothers and the U.S. Air Force.

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  • Aero and other engines
    Some UK engines/engineers with special reference to Stewart Tresilian and Armstrong Siddeley

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  • Aviateck
    Information on fighters and bombers, of the beginning of the century at our days.

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  • Check-Six
    Unique collectibles and history from aviation's past, present, and future. Tours, framed pieces, books, posters, and much more! Special emphasis on experimental and test flying around Edwards AFB!

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  • AvroLand
    - A site dedicated to the people and aircraft of Avro Canada and Orenda Engines Limited

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  • Rearwin Airplanes
    - Information of airplanes made by Rearwin from 1928 - 1942.

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  • Aeroclipper Video
    Aviation DVDs - Exciting World War II training and combat films on DVD. Also Korean War-era, modern commercial airliner DVDs.

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  • World Flight 2000
    - Follow Chris and Dan as they fly around the world. The purpose of the flight is to inspire students of all ages from all parts of the earth by showing them that the hopeful dream of a few can affect the lives of so many. Students and teachers can log on to follow the flight and participate in a Global Classroom.

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