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  • Bud Anderson's P-51
    - Story of World War Two triple Ace C.E. "Bud" Anderson. Includes information on his air to air combat experience, frequently asked questions, vintage war photos and documents, stories and history of the 357th Fighter Group, and related links.

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  • 11th Air Force - World War II History
    - History of Fighter and Bomber Units that were assigned in Alaska and the Aleutians during WWII. Stories and photographs of the men and their aircraft.

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  • American Aces
    - Brief bios of high scoring American fighter pilots of World War Two, men like Robert S. Johnson, Gabby Gabreski, Pappy Boyington, Joe Foss, David McCampbell, Dick Bong, Tommy Blackburn, Edward 'Butch' O'Hare, Ira Kepford, George Preddy.

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  • Air Battle Over Holland May 1940
    - Air Battle of the small Dutch Air force against Hermann Goerings mighty German Luftwaffe in May of 1940.

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  • Focke Wulf Fw 190
    - The history of this famous German WWII aircraft.

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  • Rare, interesting and unusual ww2 photos
    A collecton of rare, interesting and unusual ww2 photos (in-battle, capturing POW's, captured AFV's, weapons and some other reference material).

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  • Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
    - The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is the RAF's tribute to the aviators of WWII, and flies several Spitfires, two Hurricanes, a Dakota and a Lancaster.

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  • Dakota Squadron
    - To ensure continuing memorialization of those soldiers who fought for freedom and liberty with particular emphasis on the US Airborne which won the liberation of The Netherlands during WWII.

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  • Halifax Appreciation Society
    - Information and photos about the Halifax Bomber. Includes details and careers about some Halifax crew members.

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  • Aero-Smith Classics Inc
    - Aerial tours in a T-6 Texan above the Puget Sound region of Washington. Plus, sales and restoration of vintage airplanes.

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  • Flying History
    - Exploring the (US Air Force) aircraft of World War II.

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  • Luft '46
    - WWII German Luftwaffe experimental aircraft projects, including specifications, three view drawings, background, model photos and custom artwork.

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  • WWII Luftwaffe units email addresses
    Email addresses & mailboxes at 225+ of WWII Luftwaffe most prestigious flying units. Luftwaffe customized web interface, unit emblems, historical facts, aircrafts flown & Experten info.

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  • Piloten Bunker 1939 - 45
    International WW II pilot database. Fighter, Night Fighter, Destroyer, Bomber, Stuka Aces, female pilots ect... Luftwaffe & Wehrmacht mp3 s, Poster, Models, pilot search Forum and Unit emblems.

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  • P-51 Mustang Mania
    - Everything about P-51 Mustangs, their SAAF role and the new P-51 radiators.

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  • P-38 Lightning Online
    - A history of the development and operation of the P-38 Lightning fighter.

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