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  • ReliabilityOne
    - Designed for air carriers with a desire to establish a Reliability Program to monitor mechanical performance and utilize methods to improve overall reliability.

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  • YASAVA Aeronautics
    - technical and corporate consultants for airlines, air forces, leasing companies, and aircraft manufacturers.

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  • QC Enterprises, Inc.
    Aviation consulting services including development of Operations and RVSM Manuals, Safety Audits, and Litigation Expert Witness services.

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  • Caribex Inc.
    - Commercial Aviation consulting offering ferry flights, business planning, feasiability studies, management software, aircraft training, route analysis, aviation certification.

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  • ASTECH Engineering, Inc.
    - specializes in helping organizations conceptualize, design, develop, and implement avionic/aircraft system solutions.

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  • Phaneuf Associates Incorporated
    - provides aviation and consulting services including plain language in question/answer formatting and regulatory analysis to the government and industry.

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  • Aviation and Travel Consultancy
    Provide advice and analysis on air transport issues to airlines, airport operators and governments. Based in West Sussex, England

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  • Harrell Associates
    - services include airline travel consulting, airfare benchmarking, and ATPCO related services.

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  • Avex Aviation Experts AG
    - Introducing and maintaining quality management systems based on JAR-OPS, JAR-FCL, JAR-145 and ISO9001:2000 standards. Also providing operational assistance in the aviation field, particularly for updating and managing all JAR-related manuals.

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  • Aviation Data Inc
    - researches, analyzes and disseminates data on the owners and operators of civil aircraft worldwide.

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  • International Aviation Advisors, Inc.
    - services in investment and lending risk analysis, current and future aircraft values, fleet planning, and financing assistance.

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  • Tax and Accounting Services for Aviation Professionals
    We provide comprehensive tax and accounting services for aviation professionals and their business endeavors. There are IRS rules and regulations that apply specifically to your aviation related profession.

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  • Transport and Logistics Consultancy
    Design, development and implementation of new and improved operating processes, facilities and systems for the aviation and logistics industries. We help client organisations to increase capacity, raise productivity, reduce operating costs and defer capital expenditure.

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  • The IPL Group, LLC
    Unique in breadth and depth of capabilities to support operations in manufacturers, suppliers or repair stations. The IPL Group, LLC provides support and training in quality, six sigma, CMMI, FARs, business processes, supply chain accountability, knowledge management as well as in other areas.

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  • WM Associates
    - aviation and management consultants.

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  • FlightQuote Air Charter Quote Software
    FlightQuote Air Charter Quote Software. Easy to use, feature rich, reliable and affordable. Download a 30 day free trial version. Contains worldwide airport database.

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