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  • FlyerTech Ltd
    FlyerTech provide Aircraft Lessors and Aircraft Operators a wide range of services including Continuing Airworthiness Management and Airworthiness Review Certificates

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  • Aurora Aviation Enterprises LLC
    A broad-based aviation consultancy service provider for transport category and corporate class aircraft. Aircraft records research and audit, aircraft physical assessment (pre-buy inspections), modifications and maintenance visit project management, maintenance program integration and bridging definition, corporate completions project management, lease return coordination and transition to or from storage.

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  • AirFleet Managers
    AirFleet Managers are experienced aviation professional nomads delivering aviation solutions at your doorstep.Our specialists cover virtually every field of aviation from pre-purchase, maintenance and operations setup and to a continual effective fleet management. Pulling from the experience and know-how of aviation fleet management, we help protect your investment by ensuring that Engineering and operational needs are successfully managed in a planned and reliable way.

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  • Landair Valuation, LLC
    An aircraft and aviation real estate appraisal and consulting firm in Florida. Our service area includes the entire State of Florida (other states and international assignments by prior arrangement).

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  • AVITEC Engineering
    Aviation Consultancy, Auditing Services, EASA, Part-145, Part-M, JAR-OPS compliancy

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  • Barker & Associates
    Barker & Associates provides TSA compliant security awareness training to Flight Schools and Independent CFI's nationwide. Also offering affordable consultation on compliance and regulatory issues facing General Aviation, Airports and FBO's.

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  • AV8 Design
    Canadian based company providing engineering support for aircraft modification and repair. Services include; Certification (Transport Canada design change approvals), engineering analysis, design and drafting.

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  • Wright Weather Consulting
    Wright Weather Consulting provides expert witness testimony and meteorological reports for use in litigation as well as certified past weather data for aircraft-related incidents, insurance claims, evidence at trial, legal disputes and climate studies and weather forecasts. A meteorology expert can also prepare certified past weather reports and forensic expert testimony at trial. Our expert meteorologists and scientists also provide air quality permitting, environmental studies as well as expert testimony on air pollution. Additional environmental services such as planning, traffic studies and Phase I site assessments are also performed.

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  • Aviation Business Consultants
    Aviation Business Consultants is a diverse and specialized consulting firm which provides an array of professional services for Flight Schools, FBO's and General Aviation Businesses. Our principals have over 10 years of highly specialized experience in the development and operation of Flight School and FBO business.

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  • Off Schedule Solutions
    Specialise in Passenger Policies and Procedures, Airport set up, cargo policies and procedures, regulatory affairs, tariffs

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  • Airturk Aviation Solutions Center
    Our company offer aircraft and helicopter brokerage, wet&dry lease,start-up airlines all management executive responsibility with full manuals,also feasibility for cost effective,airparts and arrange full handling, landing,catering and fuelling aggrements all over the world with executive teams. Also we are starting our own reservation system for airtaxi business jet solutions with the price.

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  • PAAviation - Iranian Aviation Specialists
    PAAviation is the largest privately owned general aviation company in Iran. Our services range from Air-Taxi and regional charter flights, to aircraft sales and maintenance consultancy. Please visit www.paaviation.com for further details.

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  • Compass Directions
    Compass Directions provides aviaton safey, training and audit support. Member NBAA, HAI.

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  • Leading Edge
    Quality and envir. management systems ISO 9001/14001/other. Audits, flightsafety audits. AOC (Air Operator Certificate), certification processes. Operative within aviation with experience from quality/flightsafety management.

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  • aviation consultants  POPULAR
    Venture-Av aims to reduce or remove manageable risk and improve our client's transport efficiency through rendering services to evaluate Organizational Aviation Safety from grass root to apex management as it currently exists and offer recommendations to prevent occurrences and manage risks. Our services include: (a) Safety Management: The company can tailor Safety Management System to the clients need irrespective of the type, model and number of aircraft operated including Contingency Planning, Occurrence Reporting and Emergency Preparedness Activities. (b) Safety Investigation: Our professionals can assist you in determining the root cause and contributing factors of the occurrence. Our people are experienced in investigating over fixed wing and helicopter aviation occurrences worldwide. We have worked with the investigating agencies at the occurrence site and can represent "you" while the investigation is in progress and/or offer assistance pending any possible litigation. (c) Safety Audit: With global experience in conducting Safety Oversight Audits of Airlines and Maintenance Repair Organizations, the company provides services for internal/external Safety Oversight Audit to assist management to identify performance gap and enhance productivity. (c) Safety Promotion and Education: Provide training in the realm of Flight/Ground Safety to assist in promoting Organizational Safety Culture.

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  • Lauth Consulting, Inc.
    A Third Party Administrator for the FAA/DOT Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program. Also serving the corporate drug free workplace.

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  • Aviation Marketing Consulting
    A creative aviation/aerospace marketing agency proficient in all facets of traditional and digital marketing. We bring an effective blend of experience, strategic thinking and practical know-how to help your business succeed.

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  • RMS Aerospace, Inc Quality Engineering & Staffing Services
    We are a full service engineering out-source company supporting Commercial, Business, and Military programs. Our areas of expertise are Aviation Management, Reliability, Maintainability, and System Safety Engineering, Reliability Centered Maintenance, Logistics Engineering, Technical Publications, and Project Engineering.

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