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  • Altitude Communications
    - specializes in public relations and media programs for the aviation, aerospace, high-tech, travel, and business-to-business markets.

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  • FlightQuote Air Charter Quote Software
    FlightQuote Air Charter Quote Software. Easy to use, feature rich, reliable and affordable. Download a 30 day free trial version. Contains worldwide airport database.

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  • JetWatch
    - Aviation management company aimed at businesses with small flight departments.

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  • The Reston Group, Inc.
    - Aviation and airline consulting, maintenance, planning and audits.

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  • RAMS Consultants Inc
    - specialists in all fields of integrated logistics support, reliability, and FMEA.

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  • Lagarhus Aviation Consulting
    - advising, assisting, and facilitating air transport companies in achieving increased flight safety through the implementation of improved quality systems.

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  • Brian Foley Associates
    A consultancy that understands the business aviation industry." Up until now, there were few legitimate management consultants dedicated to business aviation who came from the industry. Recognizing this, Brian Foley Associates was formed by a known industry veteran to bring you a new level of consulting sophistication. This talent can be channeled to grow an existing business, start a new one or add good counsel and judgment to everyday management decisions. As we already understand the industry, there's no time wasted in delivering results.

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  • Lufthansa Revenue Services GmbH
    - services for airline revenue accounting. Will capture, audit and process all flight documents and handle interline billing.

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  • Dr. Roger Bilstein, Ph.D.
    Dr. Roger E. Bilstein is an award winning author, historian, and consultant for the aviation and aerospace industry.

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  • BWSI Aviation, Aerospace & Defence  POPULAR
    BWSI is an advisory and business services firm focused exclusively on aviation, aerospace and defense industries. BWSI services include engineering, MSG-3 maintenance programs, maintenance planning & execution, supply chain management, logistics, information technology, corporate finance and service parts leasing. The four senior executives of BWSI have a combined century of aviation experience spanning the commercial, fractional, military and manufacturing market segments. We bring a unique balanced blend of deep skills across the myriad of aviation maintenance and logistics challenges. Blue Water Solutions' mission statement says it all: To provide our commercial and military aviation clients with innovative yet practical solutions to difficult and complex issues focused on both short term needs as well as long range strategic ambitions, in a collaborative teaming approach, independent of product or service bias and at the highest levels of integrity and mutual trust.

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  • White Rose Aviation Ltd
    We obtain overflight & landing permits worldwide for all aircraft types.

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  • Aviation Consultants
    Global Aviation Management Services provide solutions for commercial aircraft maintenance, technical management and aircraft lease maintenance.

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  • Forensic Audio Services by GaideCom
    GaideCom Strategic Communications offers a full range of forensic audio services, including audio restoration, audio enhancement, damaged media repair,speech enhancement and transcription services.

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  • Business Development
    Aviation consultant specialized in sales, marketing, business development concepts for airlines, airports and general tourism industry.

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  • In Avanti Marketing
    In Avanti is a Marketing Execution firm specializing in aviation related business. Offering a comprehensive range of solutions from web site and marketing collateral development, to improved marketing and sales functionality.

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  • Lauth Consulting, Inc.
    A Third Party Administrator for the FAA Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program. Also serving the corporate community with drug free workplace.

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    Groupe AEROCONSEIL is organized around three strategic areas: Aeronautical & Systems Engineering, Air Transport Services and Technical Information Management.

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  • Aviation Consultant Corp
    Aviation Consultant Corp provides a full range of business and corporate aviation services and support to those in search of practical knowledge and expertise of aviation. Know what your best options are concerning charter, lease, purchase, management or a share of business aircraft? The knowledge, technical expertise and resources of a full time aviation staff without the expense.

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