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  • Avicor Aviation Inc.
    - provides aviation consulting, and sales and leasing of corporate and commercial aircraft.

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  • Alan Stratford and Associates Ltd
    Independent air transport planning consultancy covering the airport, airline and ATM sectors. Projects undertaken worldwide.

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  • Jerry Thompson & Associates, Inc.
    - Offering aviation systems engineering, planning, design, and business management services to governments, air traffic control providers, airlines, and system suppliers worldwide.

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  • The Avsource Group
    - Planning, organizing and managing clients' aircraft technical and operational programs, worldwide.

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  • GC Aviation, Inc.
    - Aircraft appraisal and valuations, on-site technical representation, maintenance records management, airframe/engines maintenance records review, lease/sale technical support, maintenance programs.

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  • Richard Trudell, Inc.
    - Aviation consultant, FAA designated airworthiness representative, flight engineer, mechanic, airframe and powerplant.

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  • Aviation Technology 2000 inc.
    - An aviation consulting and private jet charter brokerage firm with offices based in Dallas, Texas and Aspen, Colorado. Complete aircraft sales and acquisition consulting, private jet charter coordination, aircraft appraisal and similar services.

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  • ReliabilityOne
    - Designed for air carriers with a desire to establish a Reliability Program to monitor mechanical performance and utilize methods to improve overall reliability.

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  • Phaneuf Associates Incorporated
    - provides aviation and consulting services including plain language in question/answer formatting and regulatory analysis to the government and industry.

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  • Transport and Logistics Consultancy
    Design, development and implementation of new and improved operating processes, facilities and systems for the aviation and logistics industries. We help client organisations to increase capacity, raise productivity, reduce operating costs and defer capital expenditure.

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  • Passenger Forecasts for the Aviation Industry
    International forecasting and travel research consultancy established in 1990.Specialises in short-term rolling monthly, and long-term annual passenger forecasts for all major airports worldwide. World Airports Monthly,USA Airports, Airports 2005 and Airports 2030 are just four of the company's forecasting database modules. Full details and brochure downloads available from www.air4casts.com.

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  • CNS Systems, Inc.
    - devoted to providing communication, navigation and surveillance solutions for the commercial and military transportation industries.

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  • ASTECH Engineering, Inc.
    - specializes in helping organizations conceptualize, design, develop, and implement avionic/aircraft system solutions.

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  • Avex Aviation Experts AG
    - Introducing and maintaining quality management systems based on JAR-OPS, JAR-FCL, JAR-145 and ISO9001:2000 standards. Also providing operational assistance in the aviation field, particularly for updating and managing all JAR-related manuals.

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