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  • Fly2Africa
    Aviation Consultants. Our main goal is to focus on over flight and landing clearances. Your Gateway to Aviation - book your flying trip, buy your books, DVD's, Music, Video's add your link for free and much more....

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  • Glenealy International
    Specialist aviation consultancy with significant specialist and practical experience in airport and airline operations and management worldwide.

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  • Compass Directions
    Compass Directions provides aviation safety assessments, training and public education on aviation and aviation safety issues

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    A business site serving airports and airport clients througout Spain. Services include airport planning, environmental, management and financial consulting, and real estate services. Traning, AOC, DGAC. Aviation consultancy, based in the Spain.

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  • Aviation Consultant
    RSL Business Solutions, LLC is an aviation management consulting firm. Our firm has operating offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and Ventura, California. Our team is comprised of seasoned business professionals having at least 25 years experience each. Some of our team members have held multiple successful executive positions in the aviation industry. Each of our members has worked at the customer and OEM levels. As such, we have a strong understanding of both the customersí and the OEMís needs. Our philosophy is to work closely with our customers in order to ensure we deliver successful projects with them. We have helped companies by providing our professional services in the following areas: o aircraft completions management o project management o business process improvement management (operations improvement) o cost reduction management o IT systems implementation o supply chain process management In todayís fast paced world of business, managers are spending most of their time dealing with their people, project, and customer issues. They seldom have enough time to devote to analyzing and improving upon their process efficiencies which are critical to organizational success. We can provide your management team with assistance to increase your organizationís efficiencies by sharing with you our vast experience and knowledge. We can develop and structure programs tailored to your organization within the service areas we offer.

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  • aviation

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  • About APD Associates
    Contact APD Associates with your commercial or military aviation specialty engineering requirements. We have the experience and expertise.

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  • Founder/Owner  POPULAR
    Safety Consulting and Conference Production

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  • White Rose Aviation Ltd
    We obtain overflight & landing permits worldwide for all aircraft types.

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  • Brian Foley Associates
    A consultancy that understands the business aviation industry." Up until now, there were few legitimate management consultants dedicated to business aviation who came from the industry. Recognizing this, Brian Foley Associates was formed by a known industry veteran to bring you a new level of consulting sophistication. This talent can be channeled to grow an existing business, start a new one or add good counsel and judgment to everyday management decisions. As we already understand the industry, there's no time wasted in delivering results.

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    ALYZAIR provides regulatory-compliant flight data monitoring services to airlines throughout the world.

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  • Tiger Moth Enterprises
    Tiger Moth Enterprises offers aviation film and television consulting services, flight safety consulting, and the services of a DH82C Tiger Moth aircraft in air displays, commercials, and feature productions. Military consulting and tailwheel checkouts as well as biplane checkouts also provided as well as block lease flying time.

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  • AV8 Design
    Canadian based company providing engineering support for aircraft modification and repair. Services include; Certification (Transport Canada design change approvals), engineering analysis, design and drafting.

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  • Landair Valuation, LLC
    An aircraft and aviation real estate appraisal and consulting firm in Florida. Our service area includes the entire State of Florida (other states and international assignments by prior arrangement).

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  • AVITEC Engineering
    Aviation Consultancy, Auditing Services, EASA, Part-145, Part-M, JAR-OPS compliancy

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  • Aurora Aviation Enterprises LLC
    A broad-based aviation consultancy service provider for transport category and corporate class aircraft. Aircraft records research and audit, aircraft physical assessment (pre-buy inspections), modifications and maintenance visit project management, maintenance program integration and bridging definition, corporate completions project management, lease return coordination and transition to or from storage.

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