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  • Pioneer Mustang Group
    - The first USAAF fighter group to get the P-51B in WWII.

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  • The Memphis Belle
    - The official website of the most recognised B-17 in the world.

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  • P-38 National Association
    - Non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the glorious P-38 "Lockheed Lightning" WWII aircraft

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  • Zeno's Warbirds
    - World War II aircraft training videos you can watch over the Internet using RealPlayer.

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  • Modes AT-6 Instruction
    - The online home of Modes AT-6 Instruction, offering flight training and/or fun in a genuine World War II aircraft, the North American AT-6.

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  • PBY.com
    - For PBY / Catalina entusiasts and researchers.

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  • TGPlanes.com
    - A source about WWII planes. Planes specs, photos, air battles reports, pilots stats and aviation directory.

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  • Sharptop Mountain Crash Site
    - Tribute to the crew of a B-25 bomber that crashed near Bedford VA in 1943. Recent pictures of crash scene and a history of event.

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  • Stormbirds.com
    - A confederation of Me 262 and Luftwaffe-related resources. Including Classic Fighter Industries, who are build 5 new Me262's.

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  • warbirdsite.com
    - Specialising in the buy or sell of warbird parts, equipment, books and memorabilia, as well as preservation, restoration and display of WWI and WWII aircraft at museums and airshows.

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  • Fighter Factory
    The Fighter Factory is a World War Two aircraft recovery and restoration facility run by the Aviation Institute of Maintenance.

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  • Aviation of World War II
    Aviation of World War II. History of WWII Aircraft, New Facts, Comments...

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  • Beautiful Betsy - A B24 Liberator.
    A day early in the February of 1945 when the Beautiful Betsy an American B-24D Liberator would fly into World War Two history. Beautiful Betsy's whereabouts would remain a mystery for some fifty years until her discovery on a high, heavily forested mountainous plateau, Central Queensland, Australia in 1994.

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