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  • American Flyers - Ft. Worth
    Discover the adventure of learning to fly, earn advanced pilot licenses and ratings or prepare for an Aviation Career. . . professional pilot training since 1939.

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  • ProFlight Training Academy
    Whether you have zero time and want to learn to fly and become an airline pilot right away, or are a certified flight instructor seeking a flight instructor job, you may want to consider starting your aviation career with ProFlight Training Academy. There is no faster, more efficient or cost effective way to launch your professional flying career. ProFlight Training Academy, Inc. is a flight training center located in Jackson Michigan, just 30 minutes from Ann Arbor and the University Of Michigan. ProFlight Training Academy has the most professionally maintained training and rental aircraft. We offer exceptional flight training programs for Private Pilot through advanced career training, as well as exceptional service. To learn more about the flight training programs at ProFlight Training Academy, please visit http://www.proflightacademy.com/

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  • Russell Aviation - Private and IFR training adventures
    Russell Aviation has developed several accelerated cross country courses, each of which is an aviation adventure to remember for a lifetime. We teach you how to fly while on a cross country trip around Colorado, the western United States, Canada, Mexico and even Alaska

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  • Flight School Index
    Comprehensive flight school and flight instructor index. Search by zip code or specialty. Compare schools feature for feature. Free.

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  • Stanford Flying Club
    Learn to Fly, using the exclusive Cessna Aircraft Factory Integrated Pilot Training system. New Cessna aircraft. Best safety record in the area.

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  • Aviation management Courses in india - kasturiaviation.comv
    Aviation Management Institute - KIMS is a leading airline & airport management institute in India. We provide aviation courses, airline courses, aviation management degree, MBA, BBA airline management & offer various professional courses in the field of aviation.

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  • Discover Flight
    A Cirrus Design Professional Flight school with training in the SR22-GTS and SR20-GTS

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  • Guardian Aerospace Holdings Inc
    We offer the standard licences like RPP, PPL, CPL, Night, VFR over the Top, Instructor, mountain flight awareness training and flight training in arctic conditions for those pilots wishing to prepare themselves for employment in Commercial Operations.

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  • FSX Chicago
    FSX Chicago started in 2014 with the integration of technology into the General Aviation - Flight School Curriculum. Our Flight Center in the middle of the city - is a very convenient innovation allowing more time to be used training rather than commuting to the local airports. Our team has top notch Certified Flight Instructors, Mechanics, Technology Specialists and Customer Support.

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  • Vice Presdent/Chief Pilot
    Aim High Aviation Inc. is a pilot training facility based at Tehachapi, California with operations at Shafter, California near Bakersfield. We offer "Flat Rated" training programs for Private, Instrument and Multi engine courses.

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  • Bay Area Flight Schools
    Find flight schools in the San Francisco Bay Area using 5 different search techniques! Rental rates, CFI rates and much more.

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  • Leading Edge Institute
    Offering since 1995 a certified training program in Aircraft, Airplane detail training for piston, turbine and jet aircraft.

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  • American Helicopters
    Fresno's premier helicopter training school and helicopter rental.

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  • Daystar Air
    Aircraft acquisition consulting & management, pilot services and flight instruction

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  • Utah State University
    We are a Part 141 school in Logan, Utah, where students experience the ultimate atmosphere for flight training and the college experience. Students are trained by the best flight instructors in the new, top-of-the-line, Diamond Aircraft. All of our new airplanes contain glass cockpits and the latest instrument/navigation technology. Students also acquire training in Utah State\'s Regional Jet Flight Simulator, which provides them with a hands-on experience in flying a commercial airliner.

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  • Angley College
    Angley College is now offering exciting new programs in Aviation! At Angley, you can receive a Bachelor of Science Administration and an Associate of Science Degree in Business Office Management with a concentration in Aviation Management. Combine your love of aviation with practical business training from Angley College and blow away the competition! For those interested in a quicker route to the pathway of success, Angley College also offers an Aviation Technology Diploma Program. Graduates from our Aviation Technology Diploma Program will qualify for entry-level positions as a co-pilot in a regional airline! For more information, please go to www.angley.edu and contact us today!

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  • Huntsville Flight Center
    All pilot ratings. 2-3 day multi engine rating. All Pilot supplies. DA-42 for rental and training.

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