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  • Flight Training School - Epic Flight Academy
    Professional flight training located in Florida. Aeronautics degree + job offer! Complete your aviation degree online in Aeronautics from Liberty University and flight train at Epic! Financial aid for flight and Aviation degree. Specialized international flight training courses for all countries. If you are interested in Flight Training, Flight Schools, Epic Flight Academy we are ready to assist you in accomplishing your dreams as a career pilot. Flying lessons with all training you need to be a worldwide qualified pilot. Flying lessons that meet your Civil Aviation Authority\'s requirements. FAA, EASA, DGCA, and customized pilot training for all careers and countries. Begin your pilot training now! Pilot Aviation English is proud to join Epic Flight Academy in partnership to assist students in improving their English proficiency. Prepare for your training by reaching ICAO 4 aviation English. Flight school made easy. Join our accelerated flight school today!

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  • Diamond Flight Academy
    New generation pilot program. Our fleet is not older than 2008. Make your training in the latest state of the art aircraft from Diamond aircraft.

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  • Glacier Aviation, Inc. - Olympia, WA
    We are a medium-sized flight school, small enough to have fun and large enough to ensure the highest quality pilot instruction. We offer helicopter and airplane training for private, commercial, instrument, and certified flight instructor licenses, and other advanced industrial training. We keep an FAA examiner on staff and provide an FAA Lasergrade written test center. Our helicopter fleet includes the Robinson R22 & R44 with instrument trainers in both platforms. Our airplane fleet includes the Cessna 152, 172, 172RG and the Jabiru light sport airplane.

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  • Eastern Michigan University - Aviation
    The Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Aviation program offers two majors in Aviation Flight Technology (flight training through the CFI ratings) and Aviation Management. Flight training takes place just 7 miles from campus at EMU's Eagle Flight Center located at Willow Run Airport (YIP). EMU Aviation offers one of the most advanced fleets of aircraft of any collegiate flight program. As the first Cessna Collegiate Center in the country our fleet is largely comprised of Cessna Skyhawk 172 SP's with state of the art Garmin G-1000 glass cockpit avionics. Nearly our entire fleet is either brand new or less than 2-3 years old. The Eastern Michigan University Aviation Flight Technology Program is the fastest growing flight training school in the Great Lakes region and we are now the largest flight school in the East Michigan and Northern Ohio area. Students begin flight training the first week on campus. In fact, students can begin training during the summer before the start of their freshmen year. Given EMU's/Ypsilanti's close proximity to Ann Arbor, MI, many of our EMU Aviation students are in the NROTC and AFROTC units based at the University of Michigan. The location of these programs is an added convenience for our students, and a noticeable reason why several prospective students choose EMU over our competition. Ohio students automatically attend Eastern Michigan University at in-state tuition. Students coming directly from high school who reside outside Michigan and Ohio can attend EMU is they have have a 3.0 GPA and either a 20 ACT or 950 SAT. This is part of EMU's "National Scholars Program". Are you on Facebook? If so, please check out and become a "Fan" of our "Eastern Michigan University (EMU) Aviation/Eagle Flight Center" Facebook "Fan" page! We update the page frequently with important information, fun stories and pictures of the "venture" trips our students take to Florida, South Carolina, Maine, Mackinac Island, etc, events at the Eagle Flight Center, and of the recent accomplishments of our students. Please e-mail, Facebook, or call us at 734-481-3000 to schedule a time to visit the EMU Aviation Program and to take a campus tour. We are usually able to get prospective students time on our FRASCA Mentor flight simulator if they schedule their visit in advance. We hope to see you soon! Go Eastern Michigan University - Aviation!

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  • Sheffield School of Aeronautics
    Sheffield School of Aeronautics is one of the oldest aviation training institutions in the USA. It is the oldest, most experienced FAA-approved Aircraft Dispatcher school in the world and has been in continuous existence since 1948. In fact, Sheffield School has been training Aircraft Dispatchers longer than its top five competitors combined!

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  • GoFlyScott
    G. David Scott Flight Instructor at Liberty Aviation Dickson Municipa Airport Dickson Tn

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  • Brown Aero Technologies
    Train with experienced instructors committed to your success. We offer Private Pilot through CFI training. We can provide fast paced training or training that meets your schedule availability. See our website for details.

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  • Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology
    Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology provides the most cost effective flight training programs and a two year Aviation degree in Aeronautical Science. The College has a state of the art 37,000 square foot facility, featuring a CRJ Level 5 Flight Training Device (Simulator). College student's receive a minimum of 565 flight training hours in the aviation degree program. Graduates will have the opportunity to stay on as a flight training instructor.

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  • Utah's Premier Flight School
    Located in the Salt Lake Valley, we can provide individualized training that will give you the most effective training, with a level of flexibility and attention to your individual needs that only can be found with independent instructors. You can learn to fly at your own pace and on your own schedule. We also provide accelerated training. Whether you are learning to fly, looking to get advanced ratings, transitioning to a different aircraft, or want to get back behind the yoke. Cavorite Aviation will be your partner in achieving your goals. Come see how a student should be treated.

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  • Aviation Training School India
    Aeroventure - Aviation Training & Allied Services Pvt. Ltd provide comprehensive training schedule ensure that the candidates not only meet the Requirements stipulated by DGCA, but; mature into thorough professionals to further enhance Flight Safety in Aviation and be considered worthy for placement by Flying Schools / Corporate Aviation / Commercial Airlines in the present difficult phase in the Aviation Industry.

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  • Fly Duluth-Duluth Flying Club
    The Duluth Flying Club provides the opportunity to take to the skies in quality aircraft and learn to fly with exceptional instructors. We furnish flight training for the sport pilot, private pilot, commercial, CFI certificates, instrument and multi-engine ratings. We provide rental in Cirrus, light sport, and twin aircraft.

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  • Pacific Flying Club
    The Pacific Flying Club celebrates its' forty fourth anniversary in 2009 and is recognized as one of the premier professional flight training facilities in British Columbia. The not for profit Club is the only school at Boundary Bay Airport to be an active member of both the Air Transport Association of Canada and the British Columbia Aviation Council. Pacific Flying Club is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of British Columbia. The Club is extremely proud to have been the first flight training centre in Vancouver to hold this distinction. PFC is also pleased to announce that they are in partnership with the British Columbia Institute of Technology and together BCIT and PFC are now offering "Airline & Flight Operations". Students interested in this college option should contact Pat Kennedy at PFC to reserve a college information package. PFC is honoured that BCIT has chosen us as their flight training partner. We think this is a strong testament to our quality and reputation in the industry. We invite you to come out and look over our facilities and talk to our Director of Flight Operations, Manager Flight Operations, instructors and myself. We are pleased to offer you a complimentary two month Associate Membership should you wish to pursue your licence with us. Simply present this letter when you register. We recommend an introductory familiarization flight which can be booked for $50 through our dispatcher at 946-0011. The cost of this introductory lesson will be credited to your groundschool should you make Pacific Flying Club your flight training centre! Private Pilot Groundschools run Monday and Wednesday evenings continuously throughout the year as well as Saturday mornings. An online option is also available. The Club operates and maintains a fleet of 26 aircraft including Cessnas and Pipers. Our commitment is to provide our members and students with an enjoyable, quality flight training environment. Pacific Flying Club is also pleased to announce the arrival in 2007 of an Al Sim FTD with Level 5 King Air capabilities and Garmin 430 GPS technology. This FTD will provide the most advanced simulation available at Boundary Bay Airport, maintaining the Clubís stature as one of the premiere flight training organizations in Western Canada.

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  • Airwork LLC
    Airwork was formed to provide helicopter and fixed wing flight training in the Las Vegas State and Las Vegas area. Additionally, the company will create flight training opportunities for Certified Flight Instructors (CFI). Flight instruction with Airwork is a great way to earn income while building hours in pursuit of commercial employment. The Airwork Las Vegas and Las Vegas helicopter facilities offer an opportunity for pilots to make substantially higher income through our progressive pay scale policy. CFI pay scales increase with increased average craft operation. We provide quality aircraft meticulously maintained with the highest standards.

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  • Air Traffic Management School
    At the Peregine ATM School, all of our air traffic control instructors are operationally qualified and all are committed to delivering the highest quality air traffic management training that not just provides effective learning but is also enjoyed by the student.The Air Traffic Management School is equipped with the latest simulators for Aerodrome, Procedural and Surveillance training. The simulators are specially designed and developed to provide realistic air traffic control training and to reduce the time needed for on-the-job ATC training

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  • Accelerated Instrument Flight Training
    We are the IFR specialists in Accelerated Instrument Flight Training and we come to you and finish in 10 days or less. Our Senior Flight Instructors will work around your schedule, in your aircraft, at an airport near you. Our time proven instrument flight training program is designed to meet all the FAA instrument rating practical test standards, make you a proficient pilot and a safe instrument rated pilot upon completion of our accelerated instrument flight training.

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  • Cabin Attendants Course
    With AIRMED intensive practical and theoretical course run completely in our flying school installations not only will you learn to carry out the on-board duties of a Cabin Attendant through following our training, which includes up to date current procedures and techniques, but you will also be able to enjoy your first real in-flight familiarisation experience in our own aircraft.

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  • B & E Aviation
    B&E Aviation is Oregonís newest flight training school and pilot shop. We offer very competitive rates, experienced pilots and several planes.

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  • Pilot Journey
    Home of the most trusted flight school directory and a worldwide leader in connecting future pilots to flight schools

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