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  • Wright Flyers Aviation, Inc.
    One of the largest and most respected professional flight training centers in the U.S. Established in 1982 and located on the San Antonio International Airport, Wright Flyers offers FAA certified career and recreational flight training in its fleet of nearly 30 single and twin engine trainers.

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  • Western Air Flight Academy
    Western Air Flight Academy, Colorado, is a flight school providing pilot training, flying lessons, aviation instruction and pilot certification programs in Colorado, serving Denver, Boulder, Broomfield and the Front Range

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  • Learn to fly here!
    We are a very dynamic flight school, teaching all levels of flight. Aircraft rentals, sightseeing tours, gift certificates, and promotional flights are also available. Special introductory flight for first timers for $49. Please visit our website.

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  • Summit Aviation, LLC
    Summit Aviation specializes in advanced and begining mountain flying in addition to Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Commercial, CFI, Tailwheel, Aerobatics and Glider Ratings. Summit has earned a reputation at Gallatin Fieldís for itís exceptional fixed-wing flight instruction. Our reputation is that of thoroughness, precision, and the ability to bring about in our clients a higher level of success than they themselves would have previously believed possible. Summit Aviation is well known locally for its safety and knowledgeable instructors. We make flying not only easy, but fun and have success with pilots who are stymied in their flight training due to fear, discouragement, or technical difficulties. And despite the stuffy, although necessary descriptions, we are confident you will be not only pleased with your decision to fly with us, but also will count us among your friends.

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  • Versa Air
    Based at John Batten Field in Racine, Wisconsin, Versa Air offers flight and ground training for Private, Commercial, Instrument, and Flight Instructor certificates. Please visit our website!

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  • Royal Aviation
    Royal Aviation Flying Club & Flight Training

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  • Qualicum Flight Center
    Qualicum Flight Center offers training for recreational, private, and commercial licenses as well as night, instrument and VFR over the top ratings.

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  • Royal Aviation Corporation
    Flight Training to suit your schedule. Well trained flight instructors from the Philippines.

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  • Preiss Aviation
    FAA Approved flight school offering ratings from Private Pilot to Airline Transport Pilot.

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  • UNO Aviation Institute
    The Aviation Institute maintains preeminent standing in collegiate aviation through the provision of superior education, research and service initiatives.

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  • Santa Cruz Flying Club
    Santa Cruz Flying Club is located at WVI. We provide instruction, aircraft rental and social events.

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  • Pro Aviation
    Located at the Baxter County Airport in Midway, Arkansas.

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  • Aviation Summer Camp
    Aviation Summer Camp is a camp established in late 2007 to serve students with an interest in aviation. The founder is a high school and college teacher who has taught for over 17 years. His passion for flying began early but was unrealized for many years. His interest in young people and realization that many students never have the opportunity to experience aviation has led to the creation of this camp and Unique Educational Experiences Inc.

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  • My Aviation School
    Have you always dreamed of becoming a professional pilot? Now you can do it. My Aviation School will help you find with the help our directories the right pilot training schools for you. Choose from airplane flight schools, helicopter training schools or any of the aviation collegesí located worldwide. The most direct flight path to a rewarding career as pilot is to find the flight training school or college that will help you fulfill you dream. See the world with a career in flying.

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