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  • Aviation Schools
    Directory of flight schools and aviation schools. Helicopter pilot training

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  • Cindtronix Aviation
    Flight school located at Quonset airport (OQU) in North Kingston, Rhode Island. Offering instruction in state-of-the-art aircraft at an affordable cost. An approved Cessna Pilot Center.

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  • Leading Edge Flight School
    Leading Edge Flight School offers training for PPL and MPL. Situated 40km from the Kruger National Park in Hoedspruit, South Africa. We train on Cessna 172, Bantam B22J and Raptor weight shift trike

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  • Europe-American Aviation
    Established in the year 2000, Europe-American Aviation (EAA) is the worldwide first Diamond Brilliance Flight Center in the USA. Offering FAA certified training with a complete line of Diamondís newest and most advanced aircraft starting with the DA20 Eclipse, DA40 Diamond Star, DA42 Twin Star, and a Level 5 Flight Training Device (Simulator). You can either obtain your license or just rent one of these state of the art airplanes. Responsibility, professionalism, and personalized training always come first with EAA.

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  • Jacksonville University
    Jacksonville University offers four-year degrees in Aviation Management & Flight Operations, and Aviation Management. JU has partnered with Delta Connection Academy, owned and operated by Delta Air Lines, to train and educate future airline pilots.

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  • SoaringNV, Minden, Nevada
    The best cross-country soaring training in the world, in high performance sailplanes (Duo Discus) and with highly qualified instructors.

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  • Highland Flying School
    Come and fly over the clear skies of Scotland,with everything from mountain flying to landing on a licence beach with the local scedule flights

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  • American Helicopters
    Fresno's premier helicopter training school and helicopter rental.

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  • Stanford Flying Club
    Learn to Fly, using the exclusive Cessna Aircraft Factory Integrated Pilot Training system. New Cessna aircraft. Best safety record in the area.

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  • Aviation Schools
    Directory of flight schools and aviation schools. Helicopter pilot training

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  • Monarch Sky
    Monarch Sky is a flight school and flying club located at Henderson Executive Airport in the Las Vegas Valley

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  • Brandon Flying Club
    One of the best flight schools in Canada, offering training to students all over the world. Located in Brandon, the second largest city in Manitoba, Brandon Flying Club offers all the amenities needed, including accommodations, for those who take their training through this well established flying club.

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  • Bay Area Flight Schools
    Find flight schools in the San Francisco Bay Area using 5 different search techniques! Rental rates, CFI rates and much more.

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  • Russell Aviation - Private and IFR training adventures
    Russell Aviation has developed several accelerated cross country courses, each of which is an aviation adventure to remember for a lifetime. We teach you how to fly while on a cross country trip around Colorado, the western United States, Canada, Mexico and even Alaska

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  • American Flyers - Ft. Worth
    Discover the adventure of learning to fly, earn advanced pilot licenses and ratings or prepare for an Aviation Career. . . professional pilot training since 1939.

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  • Decatur Jet Center
    Decatur Jet Center is a fixed base operation located at the Decatur Municipal Airport. We offer 100LL and Jet A fuel, along with pilot supplies, Part 141 Flight Instruction, aircraft rentals, and aircraft sales.

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